How to Reverse the Door on a Compact Refrigerator

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You can easily reverse your mini fridge door.
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If a mini fridge door doesn't open in the ideal direction, then it can be fixed in a jiff. Reversing a fridge door hinge is a relatively easy endeavor if you have the right tools and knowledge of how the parts work.


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Remove the drawers and shelving if you plan to transport the refrigerator to another area and need to wrap it or drain it.

Prepping to Reverse a Door

Before you begin to change over the mini fridge door to its opposite side, there are a few safety precautions to put in place. Unplug the mini fridge before you begin to work on it to ensure you don't inadvertently get shocked or pull the appliance on top of you, thinking it is secure while it's attached to the wall via the outlet.


Often doors need to be reversed because the mini fridge is being moved to a new location with a different angle that doesn't allow the door to open free and clear.

Gather a Phillips-head screwdriver, a flat-head screwdriver, 11 mm wrench and 8 mm socket wrench to dismantle hinges and leveling legs. Have a clean space to put parts as you remove them. Label them, if needed, so you can easily put them back in the same position on the opposite side of the appliance.


Magic Chef Mini Fridge Door

The Magic Chef mini fridge reversible door can be switched around by carefully removing the covers and hinges. To reverse the door on a Magic Chef mini fridge, the cabinet tabletop needs to be removed first, according to the Magic Chef Instruction Manual. Next, remove the upper hinge assembly from the refrigerator door. Move down to the mid-hinge assembly and have someone hold the door while you take off the last part keeping the upper part of the door attached to the main body of the appliance.


Remove the lower hinge assembly by tilting the refrigerator back. Take off both of the leveling legs at the front of the appliance. Move the door to the opposite side and re-attach each of the hinge assemblies to the main frame of the appliance. Don't fasten the hinges too tight until all of the assemblies are in place.


Place the door plugs on the top of the doors to the other side of the mini fridge and remove the bottom door stoppers. Put the leveling legs back onto the mini fridge before sliding the appliance into its nook in the kitchen.

Reverse Fridge Door on Samsung

To reverse the fridge door on a Samsung compact appliance, Samsung Smart Simulator suggests that you stop at the top and remove the door's protective corner cover with a flat-head screwdriver. Move to the corner side cap space door and remove that before taking off the hinge cover with a flat-head screwdriver.


Disconnect the housing and remove the two screws located on the upper hinge. Be careful to hold the door while removing these screws so that it doesn't fall off the frame. Remove the middle and lower hinges and the leveling feet. Remove the door stops along the side and place all of the hinges back in order to return the door securely to the mini fridge frame.