How to Adjust Frigidaire Refrigerator Doors

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Both wheels need to rest on the floor when the adjustments are complete. If you make adjustments and the wheels end up raised off the floor, continue to make adjustments until the both rest on the floor.

When installing your Frigidaire refrigerator, you may find that the doors are not aligned. Misaligned doors are not only an eyesore but they also may not close correctly. If the doors on your Frigidaire refrigerator are not properly closed, the refrigerator will continuously run, raising your electric costs and limiting the lifespan of the refrigerator.


Step 1

Open both doors of the refrigerator and remove the base grill by pulling it away from the refrigerator. Place the grill to the side.

Step 2

Find the wheels on both sides of the refrigerator. You will see an adjustment bolt on the top of both wheels.

Step 3

Lower a door by turning the adjustment bolt to the left with your wrench, and raise the door by turning the adjustment bolt to the right.

Step 4

Continue to make adjustments to both doors until they are even.

Step 5

Replace the base grill and close the refrigerator doors.



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