My Whirlpool Washer Is Displaying an LD Error

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A Whirlpool washer that displays an "LD" error is indicating that there is an issue with "long draining." This means that the washer is taking too long to drain the water from the drum. The most logical reason for this is a malfunction in the pump. Whirlpool washers have a built-in diagnostic program that you can run to determine if the pump is bad. You can also confirm that the pump is bad with a second method.

Step 1

Turn on the Whirlpool washer and leave it in standby mode.

Step 2

Press this sequence of buttons within a five-second time frame: "Soak," "Soil Level," "Soak" and "Soil Level," This will engage the self-diagnostic program.

Step 3

Wait 90 seconds for the self-diagnostic program to complete. The washer will fill with water, recirculate the water, and then drain the water.

Step 4

Read the digital display. It will indicate if the pump is bad.

Step 5

Complete a cleaning cycle with the washer. When it is time for it to drain, listen closely to the back of the machine. If you cannot hear a humming sound coming from the lower back of the washing machine, the pump no longer functions. With both tests failed, contact an authorized repair center to replace the pump.


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