My Whirlpool Washer Is Displaying an LD Error

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Sometimes, the washer seems like the most important team player in the house. When error codes start popping up on your Whirlpool washer, it can be alarming and worse still when you open the machine to find your laundry sitting in water. The LD code is common to experience at some point in the life of your washer. It can mean a repair visit, or it may be a simple matter of troubleshooting.


What Is an LD Error Code?

The LD error code is short for "long draining." That means it's taking too long for water to vacate the washer if it drains at all, and the machine is shutting off despite water being in it. This drain pump system problem is more than a matter of having to wring out your wet wash items because if it's not draining properly, your wash may not be getting cleaned.


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Common Causes of Drainage Issues

Every appliance owner's first fear is that there will be a large repair bill or even a machine replacement. Fortunately, that's not a foregone conclusion with an LD error, as there are several things that can cause problems for you.

Those mystery missing socks? Maybe one got into the drainage system since clogs are common. Improper installation can be an issue too, as the drain hose must be the proper height for proper functioning. Often, homeowners don't perform as much basic maintenance on machines as they should, and sometimes, simply staying on top of filter cleaning and hose maintenance can extend the life of your machine.


If it's not the drain installation and there's no blockage, you may need a new drain pump installed. The pumps can usually be bought for under $50.

Check the Drain Hose Height

Do you have the machine installed correctly? It's counterintuitive, but having the hose too low (or high) can prevent proper drainage too. The hose should drain either into the outflow drainpipe or into an adjacent washer basin or sink at a minimum of 39 inches to a maximum of 96 inches from the base of the washer. If it's not in that range, you'll need to correct the problem.


Check for Drain Hose Blockage

"Slow draining" doesn't need to be a pump problem when even a partially blocked hose can prevent draining from finishing during a cycle. From balled-up paper and lint amassing over the months or years to missing socks, it doesn't take a lot to clog a washer drain hose. Clean out the hose and you might find that you've corrected the issue.


If Draining Is Still Incomplete

If your laundry is still too wet or there's a pool of water at the end of the cycle, it might be time for a new pump. If your machine is still under warranty, contact Whirlpool for help.

If not, there are plenty of brand-approved parts retailers as well as lots of knock-off parts available even more affordably. Either you can attempt self-installation or call a home appliance repair expert to get it done.



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