How to Fix a Roper Washer That Will Not Drain, Spin, or Agitate

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It is common for a Roper washer not to drain, spin or agitate if the appliance's water flow is somehow impeded. Thankfully, there is not a lot of heavy-duty work that must be completed if your Roper washer is having draining, spinning or agitating problems. It is more likely that you simply need to do a little troubleshooting to find the problem. Once you find the problem, fixing it does not require a lot of extra work.


Step 1

Plug the power cord into a three-pronged outlet. Press firmly on the cord if it is already plugged into the outlet.

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Step 2

If you are using an extension cord, remove the power cord from the extension cord and instead plug the appliance directly into the wall outlet.


Step 3

Move the drain hose to a draining location that is less than 96 inches above the floor. Water is not able to push through the drain hose if it must climb such an elevated height. Remove the drain hose and check for clogs. Take the drain hose outside and run a high-powered stream of water -- such as from a water hose -- through it to clear it out.

Step 4

Close the lid. The washer will not operate if the lid is open. Press down on the lid to ensure that it's closed.


Step 5

Follow the manufacturer's directions when putting detergent into the washer. Too much detergent causes the washer to build up suds inside. When there is an excess of suds in the washer, the appliance is not able to drain as it should.

Step 6

Move the washer from the wall and straighten the drain hose -- particularly if it is kinked or pinched due to the weight of the washer resting on it. Replace a severely kinked hose. When pushing the washer back against the wall, avoid placing the washer on the drain hose.

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