18 French Country Living Room Ideas That Will Make You Swoon

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Taking inspiration from the hillsides of Provence, French country-inspired living rooms are timeless and have the ability to transport you to another time and place. Every corner of the room exudes a casual elegance that comes from living in the European countryside. Think calming, cool color schemes paired with antique pieces of furniture showcasing weathered finishes and worn paint. Classic silhouettes and intricate details make an appearance, but they tend to be balanced by relaxed, comfortable fabrics. After all, the living room is the heart of the home where people come together to unwind at the end of a long day, entertain family and friends, and catch up on their favorite shows. Needless to say, it's important that this central hub be functional but also speak to your design aesthetic and personality.


If French country style sounds like your perfect match, scroll on for 18 living room design ideas that are sure to inspire you.

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18 French Country Living Room Ideas

1. Add vintage touches.

Vintage and antique pieces enhance the character of a French country living room. Collect a variety of unique treasures to give your design a storied and layered look à la this picturesque scene by Carley Page Summers. And if you're drooling over that chaise lounge, you're not alone — but also, it's part of a collaboration that she did with River & Bord.

2. Take advantage of natural light.

French country designs are all about a balance between refined elegance and casual relaxation. While completely livable, there is a feeling that this room spotted on Kathy Kuo Home could become a venue for entertainment at a moment's notice.


3. Experiment with color.

While it's true that French country living rooms tend to favor neutral color palettes, we're fans of pairing the look with something with a bit more flair. Take the muted sage green hue showcased on the walls of this stunning vignette by Anna Potter of Swallows and Damsons. The shade fits right into the pastoral setting and acts as a quiet backdrop to the rest of the room, while complementing thoughtful details like an artful arrangement of flowers.



4. Install a chandelier.

Imagine sprawling countryside villas where an ornate candelabra or crystal chandelier would have been the focal point of the entire room. Bring that vision home with a light fixture that embodies casual elegance. Follow the lead of this cozy living room from The Picket Fence Interior Design — it's serving us with all sorts of inspiration.


5. Embrace a weathered finish.

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse for Hunker

Decorate your house with home decor that feels timeless and rich in character — after all, there is something beautiful about decor that is aged with love. And bonus, if you don't have any living room furniture with a weathered finish, no need to run out and buy something. Believe it or not, you can give the pieces you already own the same rustic patina, with the help of this clever DIY console table project.


6. Celebrate existing architectural details.

Exposed brick walls, hardwood flooring, rustic ceiling beams — this living room by Tracy Design Studio embraces the charm that comes with raw materials. Classic French country furniture silhouettes provide a dash of sophistication without going overboard.



7. Splurge on fresh flowers.

No matter where you put them, fresh flowers will add a pop of color and organic beauty to any room. We love the dash of red that interior designer Amber Lewis brought to this living room with the help of a floral arrangement. Just pretend that your bouquet came straight from the gardens of your French countryside estate.


8. Look for Louis XV-inspired pieces.

There are quite a few pieces that look iconically French, and Louis XV-inspired decor is certainly high on that list. Try sprinkling in a few smaller accent pieces like settees, chairs, or ornate mirrors that speak to the time period. This living room design by French Country Cottage shows us how it's done with the help of gilded mirrors and a crystal chandelier.


9. Make it cozy.

If there can only be one goal for your living room makeover, it should be to create an intimate, relaxed feel reminiscent of a vacation home in the French countryside. Follow the lead of this dreamy setup spotted on Airbnb, and use soft textures like linen, velvet, and cotton; welcome warm natural light; and invest in soft, comfy seating that you can lounge in for hours.



10. Balance rustic materials with lustrous finishes.

Offset the rustic features of a French country living room with elegant fixtures like brass sconces and gilded frames. This quaint nook from House of Hargrove illustrates the beauty that can come from a medley of contrasting materials and finishes effortlessly paired together.

11. Keep it symmetrical.

Much of French country style is rooted in traditionalism where symmetry is a hallmark characteristic. This serene living room from Leah Bailey is a prime example of bringing the design concept to life, with a perfect balance between the major elements of the room.

12. Have fun with patterns.

French country style isn't all about soft linens and neutral tones. Take note of this living room from Le Mas des Poiriers and bring in accent pieces that boast colorful patterns or nature-inspired prints. Offset busy motifs with solid textiles, like the tufted teal ottoman and cream-colored sofas.


13. Paint the walls with a plaster finish.

Add a little extra texture to your living room by opting to use limewash, plaster, or chalk paint on the walls. The uneven finish — which is characteristic of French country homes — will add loads of visual interest and pastoral charm. And if you're feeling really bold, paint the walls in the dusty shade of pink used in this living room from Annie Sloan.

14. Opt for a monochrome finish.

If you prefer French country style with a reserved color palette, you can't go wrong with neutrals. The living room in this Airbnb is near-monochrome, boasting an array of cool shades of gray that beautifully complement the rustic accents and old-world pieces of decor used throughout the space.

15. Mix and match design styles.

Old meets new in this stunning living room spotted on Coco Lapine Design, where French country style merges with Scandinavian roots to create a scene that's simply too good for words. Antique chairs and a baroque fireplace combine with modern pieces — such as a leather slingback chair and a sleek coffee table — to form a contemporary finish. Consider this a lesson in leaning into a trend and making it your own.

16. Embrace tufting.

If there's one thing we've learned from this sun-drenched French country living room by Savvy Southern Style it's that tufted furniture pieces are our friends. While this setup has no shortage of details, one of our favorites is the ottoman-meets-coffee table right in the center. From the sculptural wooden legs to the button-tufted upholstery, it just adds a sophisticated touch that completes the space.

17. Welcome an all-white palette.

If you're keen on replicating the classic all-white and neutral scheme of a French country interior, really lean into it like Kendra from Homespun Cottage did. Filter in a handful of warmer accent pieces to prevent the space from feeling too stark — a woven rug and a vintage wood coffee table will do the trick.

18. Incorporate French doors.

In addition to the furniture and decor, don't forget about the room itself. For instance, if your living space opens out to the patio, sliding glass doors may not give you the look you are going for. In that case, we suggest splurging on French doors. We love the black-framed set spotted in this setup, showcased on Pella, that coordinates with the black-framed windows. It really ties the space together, making the design feel cohesive and thoughtful.



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