20 French Country Living Room Ideas

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Taking inspiration from the hillsides of Provence, the French country-inspired living room is timeless and otherworldly, with the relaxed elegance that comes from living in the European countryside. Relaxed color palettes and antique furniture come together in a French country home, combining the best of European elegance with homespun comfort. Here, some fun ideas to get your adventure started:


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1. Vintage influence is a must.

Vintage and antique pieces enhance the character of a French country living room. Collect a variety of antique pieces over the years to give the room a gallery-like feeling. Keep in mind that antiques should err on the side of heirloom, rather than shabby chic.

2. Create an inviting ambiance that balances class with comfort.

The French country home dabbles with refinery and elegance. While completely livable, there is a feeling that this room could become a venue for entertainment at a moment's notice.

3. It's a softer take on the all-white room.

The French country living room rarely makes a bold color or pattern its focus. An all-white (or mostly white) aesthetic is common with the French country style, but you can give it a soft pop of blush or taupe to avoid feeling too industrial. Stick with neutral colors and bring them to life with tonal pairings and different textures.

4. Chandeliers always work.

Chandeliers are right at home in the French country living room. Imagine sprawling countryside villas where a chandelier would have been the focal point of the entire room.


5. Bring in natural or rustic accessories.

Decorate your house with accessories that feel timeless, natural, or rustic — after all, there is something beautiful about decor that is aged with love. Unlike shabby chic accessories, rustic objects have a utilitarian appeal, as if these items would have actually been used in a home in the hills of Provence.

6. Embrace the natural foundation.

Raw brick, wood paneling, exposed beams — the French country living room embraces the foundation as it is. The natural wear and tear on the materials is what gives the home its charm.

7. Go tufted.

If you're a fan of tufted furniture, then you're probably a fan of French country style. A tufted sofa is the perfect couch for a French country living room. A sectional isn't always the right aesthetic for this kind of style, and tufted furniture strikes that perfect balance between cozy and elegant.

8. Splurge on fresh flowers.

Fresh flowers as a centerpiece really bring the room together. And, of course, you can try to imagine that your bouquet came straight from the gardens from your French countryside estate.


9. Look for Louis XV-inspired side pieces.

The hand-carved moldings on the legs and the wood paneling on this couch identify it as iconically French, specifically Louis XV-inspired. Try sprinkling in smaller side seating pieces like canapes and settees that play on round shapes and luxe finishings.

10. Try oversized antique mirrors.

To evoke the spirit of a French country home, bring in a large mirror — a mainstay of French decor. To give it more of a suburban vibe, pass over gilded frames for weathered wooden ones.

11. Above all, make it comfortable.

After all, you're trying to emulate that vacation life in the countryside — the room should have an intimate, relaxed feel. Add cushions to couches; use soft textures like linen, velvet, and cotton; and bring in natural light.