These ‘70s Decor Trends Are Making a Major Comeback in 2023

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Feeling nostalgic? We certainly are, which is why we're loving every second of the resurgence of '70s decor. And no, we're not just talking about disco balls (as much of a staple as they are of the era). We've got our eyes on '70s decor trends that withstood the test of time and are gaining popularity over the white, gray, and more minimalist interiors that once ruled the home space.


"1970s design feels relaxed, unpretentious, and confident in its willingness to break rules, which feels particularly resonant in these times when we are looking for our homes to be interesting and feel unique," Anthony Barzilay Freund, editorial director and director of fine art at 1stDibs, tells Hunker.

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With a mix of showstopping designs and a laid-back aesthetic, it's no wonder that the '70s are back and better than ever. Read on for the '70s decor trends you're going to see everywhere in 2023.

Meet the Experts

  • Dani Dazey, interior designer and designer of the Trixie Motel
  • Noel Fahden, vice president of merchandising at Chairish
  • Paula Cossarini, product design manager at Article
  • Anthony Barzilay Freund, editorial director and director of fine art at 1stDibs
  • Anam Sadarangani, founder and CEO of Sprezz

1. Curved Silhouettes

Curved furniture and decor were all the rage in the '70s and are just as prominent in the design space today. "Expect to see plenty of curved silhouettes in '70s-inspired furniture to illustrate the decade's preference toward looser, [more] comfortable styles," Cossarini tells Hunker. "In furniture, pieces are curvy; have rounded edges; and have chunkier, asymmetrical, or tapered components."


Easily incorporate the trend into your space with curved sofas or arched bookcases. If you want to make even more of a statement, Dazey suggests a retro ball chair. "When designing the Trixie Motel, I incorporated some vintage-inspired ball chairs, and all of the guests absolutely love them! They're a perfect example of the kind of fun and funky furniture that was so popular in the '70s."


2. Low-Profile Designs

In line with the laid-back vibes of the '70s, more grounded, low-profile furniture is also making a comeback. According to both Chairish and 1stDibs, there's been major interest in iconic styles like:



We've even seen an uptick in purchases from our very own Hunker readers among low-profile modular sofas and Togo dupes.


3. Earth Tones

Image Credit: Sanford Creative

When it comes to a color palette that channels the spirit of the '70s, look no further than welcoming earth-toned shades. "Expect to see lots of burnt oranges, mustards, and, topping our list, greens ranging from emerald to sage in homes near you," Freund says.


4. Vibrant Colors

Even though shades of earthy colors dominated the '70s, it was also a time to incorporate playful pops of color. While you can certainly invest in big-ticket pieces, like colorful sofas, you can also test out the trend with smaller pieces, like colored glassware.


"Colored glassware from the '70s has made a stunning comeback in recent years and is currently trending in home decor. It adds a pop of color and retro charm to any table setting," Sadarangani says.


5. Natural Materials

The '70s was also a time for earthy and natural materials, including rattan (lots of rattan), jute, and wood, Sadarangani says. According to a study from 1stDibs, leather can also be thrown onto your '70s mood board. Might we suggest rattan chairs or coffee tables?


6. Bold Patterns

If there was ever a time to try a bold pattern in your space, it's now. "Eye-catching, colorful, geometric shapes and patterns are a staple of '70s design," Cossarini says. "This year, rugs and pillows will be emblazoned with bold, geometric patterns."


But don't forget that the '70s was also the flower power era. Try floral wallpaper or a retro-meets-modern floral couch, as spotted in the Dani Dazey x Joybird collection.

7. Eye-Catching Murals

Bring '70s design to the forefront of your home with a striking mural. "A super graphic mural is like an extra-large, in-your-face piece of wall art that's all about bold colors, funky shapes, and making a statement," Dazey tells Hunker. "They're incredibly easy to DIY at home and can be matched to any room in your home." (FYI: There are plenty of wallpaper options that will give you the mural aesthetic without having to lift a paintbrush, including this '70s-style stripe wallpaper from Etsy and a colorful wave pattern from WallpaperMural.)

8. Retro Lighting

And last but not least, retro lighting is back in a big way. According to Fahden, shoppers are gravitating toward '70s-style lighting, including Murano mushroom lamps, the Nelson bubble pendant, and orb lighting in general. Freund also notes that there's been a wave of orders of retro wall lights, sconces, and floor lamps in particular.



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