23 Colored Glassware Finds to Make Your Tabletop Shine

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Whether you want to make a refreshing cocktail or simply upgrade your average daily drinking glasses, adding colored glassware to the mix will make your drinking experience infinitely better.


According to blogger and colored glassware enthusiast Leslie Saeta of My 100 Year Old Home, colorful glassware is an easy way to add vibrant hues to your dinner table regardless of the season or occasion. "Colored glassware is an inexpensive way to add a spark to your table," Saeta tells Hunker.

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And there's never been a better time to shop for colored glassware. "For the longest time, most colored glasses were vintage, expensive, and hard to find. Colored glassware is everywhere right now, and there are a lot of beautiful colors available at very affordable prices," Saeta explains. "You can also find almost any color of glassware right now. And that was not the case a few years ago."

To make your hunt for the perfect glassware easier, we rounded up some of our favorite colorful pieces on the market now. From fancy wine glasses to heavy-duty designs for daily beverages, check out our top colored glassware picks below.

Our Favorite Colored Glassware Finds

Featuring hand-blown glass in candy-coated colors, this glassware from Estelle Colored Glass is nothing short of stunning. You can choose from wine glasses with or without stems as well as champagne coupes all in the same hue, or if you can't decide, go for the mixed set.


These space-saving, hand-blown stacking tumblers are sturdy, durable, and absolutely gorgeous. We had a chance to try them out IRL and can confirm that they're worth the hype. Check out our Our Place Night + Day Glasses review to learn even more.



As much as we love a fresh batch of glassware, nothing beats colored vintage glassware, especially from Etsy shop How Fast Time Flies. This amber set has a mix of wine goblet styles from the '50s and '70s — basically an eclectic lover's dream. Saeta also recommends checking out eBay or flea markets to score extra-special finds.


"I love shopping for colored glassware at vintage flea markets. I have found colored etched glassware, cranberry wine glasses, and amber goblets," Saeta says. "eBay is also a great place to find every color of glassware."

These adorable hand-blown drinking glasses, crafted from recycled beer and wine bottles, are perfect for any type of beverage.


Colorful glassware isn't just for cocktail or water glasses — you can get colored mugs too.



Made in Italy, this vintage-style set from Amazon takes notes from Depression glassware with intricate detailing and texture.


Available in short, medium, and tall designs, these hand-blown glasses from Hawkins New York Essential are totally eye-catching.


Hop on not one but two home decor trends with this colorful bubble drinking glass.


Colored to perfection with soft pastels, these coupe glasses can be used for everything from cocktails to desserts.


The only thing that could make a margarita better is drinking them in any of these gorgeous, shatterproof colored glasses.

This stunning, multicolor glassware set is just what your tabletop needs for an extra boost of color.

Made by a family owned glassware company in Ohio, these vintage-style tumblers are a modern take on a classic design.

Enjoy these multicolor rainbow glasses, each with a hand-twisted black and white rim.


Whether you're drinking wine or water, these stemless wine glasses from Amazon will upgrade any brunch or dinner party. But the colorful hues aren't even the best part. This drinkware is dishwasher-safe, heat-resistant, and most importantly, "unbreakable," according to the brand.

Available in double old-fashioned glasses and iced beverage glasses, this vibrant collection is full of jewel-tone hues with a midcentury modern aesthetic.

These fluted old-fashioned glasses would make the perfect addition to a living room bar cart.

Sip your champagne and cocktails in style with these sophisticated, hand-blown coupe glasses.

Go retro with these textured goblets that were handmade by master glassmakers in Italy. Also available as tumblers, these glasses are available in amber, purple, indigo, and blush.

Perfect as a martini glass or for your go-to cocktail, these multicolor glasses have mismatched stems and feet for the ultimate eclectic look. Plus, the set comes with two stainless steel garnish skewers.

These dishwasher-safe stunners can hold anything from red wine to gin and tonics.

Ideal for wine, these beautiful glasses will also make a great vessel for lemonade, sangria, or virtually any other drink. The glasses are handmade in Italy, and each set is one of a kind.

Whether poolside or for a casual dinner, these heavy-duty highball glasses are dishwasher-safe and are resistant to cracks, breaks, and discoloration.

Cheers to occasions both big and small with these unique, hand-painted champagne flutes.



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