These Colorful Cocktail Glasses Will Make Your Summer Instantly Brighter

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Making a refreshing cocktail (or three) can seriously enhance your at-home fun during the hot summer months. And while a cocktail in any glass gets the job done, there's a special kind of magic that comes with drinking your favorite cocktail out of beautiful glassware.


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To make your hunt for the perfect cocktail glass easier, we rounded up some of our favorite colorful glassware out there right now. In addition to making you feel like you're at a fancy restaurant or bar while enjoying the comforts of home, the following items will add a fun pop of color to any kitchen aesthetic.

These adorable little tumblers are made by artisans in Jalisco, Mexico with recycled glass, so you can feel extra good about your purchase.

These candy-colored cuties will add a subtle yet playful touch to any summer gathering. They're sturdy enough for hot or cold beverages and chip-resistant, so they're ideal for those of us who have been known to break a glass or two.

These dishwasher-safe stunners can hold anything from red wine to gin and tonics.

Trust us, water just tastes better when it's in a pretty glass — and so does orange juice, iced tea, and White Claw.


Ideal for wine, these beautiful glasses will also make a great vessel for lemonade, sangria, or virtually any other summer drink. The glasses are handmade in Italy and each set is one-of-a-kind.

Featuring hand-blown glass in candy-coated colors, the glassware from Estelle Colored Glass is nothing short of stunning. You can choose from wine glasses with or without stems, as well as champagne coupes, all in the same hue, or if you can't decide, go for the mixed set shown above.

If subtely is your aesthetic, these stripe acrylic glasses are just colorful enough without overpowering your spread. They're also entirely shatterproof so outdoor picnics are encouraged.

These space-saving hand-blown stacking tumblers are sturdy, durable, and absolutely gorgeous — your guests will be green with envy.


Not only are these adorable martini glasses dishwasher-safe, but they're also made out of glass soda bottles destined for landfills, so you're helping keeping waste out of landfills with every purchase.


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