Trend Alert: Is Bubble-Inspired Decor Taking Over?

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Thanks to social media, celeb home tours, and new product releases, there's always something to inspire a home refresh. Even if you're just rearranging your desk or adding some accents to your coffee table — it's energizing to try out a different aesthetic.


With the popularity of trends like checkered patterns and mushroom decor, we're always on the lookout to see what might be next. This might sound strange but hear us out: We've noticed a lot of bubble-themed decor as of late.

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Texture is an important part of any decor style, and that's what makes this look so fun. Instead of a smooth surface, why not throw some bubbles on it? Using round shapes makes things a little more whimsical, in this case. Maybe it has something to do with all that curved furniture we love?

There are no sharp edges here. Embrace the playful look of bubble-inspired decor, with our picks below.

1. MELP Head in the Clouds Candle, $28

We've absolutely noticed an increase in bubble candles, like this stylish one. If you're feeling crafty, you can even make your own at home with our handy DIY tutorial.


2. Z Gallerie Bubble Vase, Gray, $49.95

If you love showing off fresh flowers, this glossy vase definitely ups the elegance factor.


3. H&M Home Small Plant Pot With Bubbles, $14.99

Plants are also decor, so why not show them off with chic pots? This small one makes a big impact.



4. Every Golden Detail Colorful Bubble Glass Bud Vases, from $22.98

Tired of your vases? Switch out some of your usual pieces for a quirky find like this one.


5. IKEA Simrishamn Pendant Lamp, $69.99

IKEA released a collection of lighting fixtures with eye-catching designs. The Simrishamn line includes this lovely chandelier, perfect for a modern space.


6. Aesthetic By Alixandra Ceramic Mug Set, $51.99

Maybe you just want a hint of the bubble trend, in which case these mugs are ideal. You'll feel like you're at a cute café in no time.


7. Crate & Barrel Bombolla Black Bubble Lamp, $249

This find is less, well, perfectly round than the others — we just couldn't help but include it because of its name. Plus, it's a sleek piece that's definitely a splurge.



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