8 Stylish IKEA Vases for Less Than $10

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A little vase here and there can work wonders for your space. Or, if you're like us, it's always good to have one on hand for flowers from the grocery store. There's also the dried florals look, for those of us that prefer something that'll last all year.


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No matter your preference or style, there's something to love at IKEA — especially since the Swedish retailer is so good at stocking budget-friendly gems. There are some seriously chic vases that won't break the bank, whether you need one to liven up your workspace or complete your tablescape.

Check out some of the vases we're adding to our cart below.


1. Gradvis vase, pink, $9.99

This stylish find blends two trends: light pink decor and fluted pieces. What more could you ask for?


2. Pepparkorn Vase, $7.99

If you prefer your vases a little more neutral, this option can easily blend into any decor style.


3. Godtagbar Vase, $5.99

For something a little more eclectic, look no further than this find. We also love the little handle, perfect for moving it around your space (especially while cleaning).


4. Andtruten Vase, $9.99

Pattern lovers gather around. We could totally see this quirky vase working on a bookshelf or console table with other bold decor items.


5. Stilren Vase, white, $7.99

For a classic, romantic look, grab this gem.


6. Salong Vase, light turquoise, $7.99

We love the way this turquoise color makes the vase looks almost weightless. Pair with delicate buds or a full bouquet for dramatic effect.


7. Godtagbar Vase, $7.99

Another pick for those that love pops of color here and there.

8. Drömsk Vase, pink, $9.99

And for lovers of colored glass, this vase will definitely do the trick.