The Best Places to Shop for Wine Glasses

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When five o'clock rolls around, you know it's time to pull out the wine. Whether it's a wine and cheese night with your pals, a glass with dinner, or a little late-night "me time," wine just has a way of making every day sweeter (or a bit drier). Here are some of our favorite places to find stunning wine glasses.


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1. Sur La Table

Price range​: $10-$300
Best for​: The classy hors d'oeuvre-obsessed hostess
Why they're awesome​: Sur la Table is the go-to place for quality kitchenware, so it makes sense it also has some stunning wine glasses to choose from. Enjoy a classic, minimal shape or opt for an intriguing, traditional silhouette. You'll feel like you're treating yourself to a Parisian dinner even if you're just in your living room.

2. Estelle Colored Glasses

Price range​: $75-$190
Best for​: Someone who appreciates fine wine and art
Why they're awesome​: Estelle is not your standard stemmed wine glass carrier. Polish glass artisans make each piece, so you're really drinking out of a masterpiece. On the site, you'll find glasses in every color imaginable. So yes, your wine glass may match your millennial pink loveseat. You're welcome.

3. Crate and Barrel

Price range​: $2.95-$108
Best for​: The person who NEVER has a single crumb on their floor
Why they're awesome​: Crate and Barrel knows how to make all of us want to redo both our patio and kitchen simultaneously. With a wide array of timeless wine glasses, you can order your favorite style in bulk or buy a set of each so you have options for every mood — all while staying under budget.


4. Riedel

Price range​: $29.50-$207
Best for​: The classic wine connoisseur who always tastes every note
Why they're awesome​: Riedel has been the go-to for classic wine glasses for 265 years. You can find the perfect style, no matter what your home aesthetic is. And if you're looking to expand your home bar into cocktails and spirits, you can bet they have some fabulous glasses for those drinks too.

5. West Elm

Price range​: $3.99-$195
Best for​: The midcentury modern entertainer
Why they're awesome​: West Elm has a gorgeous collection of wine glasses that are guaranteed to level up your next dinner party (or afterparty). Go for something minimal or spring for something festive, like the floral glasses above.

6. Anthropologie

Price range​: $28-$175
Best for​: The colorful home dweller
Why they're awesome​: Sometimes, the standard wine glass doesn't cut it. If you're looking for something with a pop of color, a touch of pattern, or a dollop of fun, Anthropologie is your go-to. It's extensive wine glass selection has something that will definitely be a conversation starter at your next get-together.


7. CB2

Price range​: $2.50-$63.50
Best for​: The minimalist who's over all of the frills
Why they're awesome​: CB2 is Crate and Barrel's hip, contemporary cousin. Their wine glasses are sleek and stylish, while still being neutral enough to fit in with any space.

8. Wayfair

Price range​: $15.99-$395
Best for​: The budget shopper who loves a statement
Why they're awesome​: Wayfair crushes it when you're looking for discount furniture, and it does the same for wine glasses. If you're the type who likes to swap out wine glasses for all holidays, seasons, and moods, this is the perfect place to shop. From holiday garland glasses to summer-friendly sippers like the ones above, Wayfair has it all.

9. Uncommon Goods

Price range​: $24-$330
Best for​: The well-traveled person who loves nostalgia
Why they're awesome​: Uncommon Goods has a way of seeking out the best housewares from the coolest sellers. You'll find wine glasses that were made to start conversations — including some adorned with your fave city skyline, or ones etched with the inspiring stories of historical women.


10. Viski

Price range​: $19.99-$69.99
Best for​: The wine lover who's loving dark mode on their phone
Why they're awesome​: Level up your home bar and wine nights with glasses from Viski. With premium materials and industrial designs, you can cultivate a cool vibe when all your friends designate your house as the best spot for wine night.

11. World Market

Price range​: $7.96-$39.96
Best for​: The wine-as-an-afterthought drinker
Why they're awesome​: World Market sources gorgeous internationally inspired pieces that are sure to catch your guests' attention. With intentional details and unique shapes, the glasses from World Market are stunning but so affordable, so you won't stress if one breaks mid-party.

12. Etsy

Price range​: $.89-$6,000
Best for​: The collector
Why they're awesome​: For many people, wine time is their time to sit on the couch (partner optional) and just relax from a busy day. Etsy's wine glass selection is extensive because it's a marketplace of independent artisans. Customize a glass with your favorite inside joke, or embrace your zodiac sign. There's something for every kind of wine lover.


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