8 Rattan Coffee Tables That Will Add Earthy Vibes to Any Room

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Thinking about rattan furniture might conjure images of beachy decor, such as what you might find in a chic Tulum boutique hotel or in a lush resort in Bali. And that's no surprise — rattan is a vinelike palm found throughout the jungles of Asia, and the furniture made of it often reflects its tropical roots.

One popular type of rattan furniture is the coffee table. Rattan coffee tables span all shapes and sizes, and while many keep to rattan's natural honey hue, others are stained or painted white. You might be surprised at how versatile rattan coffee tables can be too — they can work well with myriad decor styles, from farmhouse to midcentury. That said, rattan furniture can get a bit pricey. (So, if rattan isn't your thing, you can always check out our favorite coffee tables on Amazon and budget-friendly coffee tables.) But if you're feeling the rattan vibe, we've rounded up our favorite rattan coffee tables across all styles, sizes, and budgets.

The 8 Best Rattan Coffee Tables

You might think rattan is always woven into a material that can be used for furniture, but the versatile plant lends itself to many different construction styles. Here, the rattan is stacked in layers to create this ringed, tapered coffee table. We love that it's been whitewashed to a distressed finish that lets the natural rattan color peek through.

A glass top lets the rattan shelf beneath it be visible to all who surround this square coffee table. That makes the shelf the perfect place to create little vignettes of objects or coffee table books that won't get in the way of the table's practical surface.

This round coffee table will definitely add a tropical touch to a living room; its see-through structure almost appears bamboolike in nature. There's also a solid wood tabletop that can be removed but keep in mind that anything stored inside the table will be visible from the outside. Our recommendation? Store throw blankets and pillows there, as they'll already match your living room decor.


There's so much to love about this rattan coffee table. For starters, there's its rounded, rectangular silhouette that feels playful and fun — and dare we say a touch art deco? Then, there's the bottom shelf for extra storage, on which we'd likely put baskets for a little organization. And finally, there are the long rattan rods that provide a lovely natural texture.

A wavy "skirt" on this handwoven rattan table creates a frilly look that recalls your grandma's old wicker furniture with floral cushions. But with this table's natural honey hue, the piece of furniture looks quite refined.

A tapered woven rattan column supports a rattan-lipped glass top on this coffee table, which has a low-key tropical vibe. That glass surface is pretty crucial for the function of the coffee table — liquid spills and crumbs won't be as likely to fall into the weaving!


This sculptural, round coffee table is handcrafted by Indonesian artisans. We love its various linear patterns, from the concentric circles that comprise its top to the combination of vertical and horizontal supports around the sides.

If you have a particularly small living room, these nesting rattan coffee tables (which can double as end tables) might be the right choice for you. While they have rattan tops, they have black wood lips and legs for a modern touch.

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