The 5 Most Beautiful and Affordable Coffee Tables on Amazon

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No matter if you live in a big or small space, a coffee table stands at the center of your main living area and therefore deserves quite a bit of attention. It's also the place everyone tends to gather and serves as one of the most used pieces of furniture in a house. Coffee tables are a fun buy, since you can somewhat detour from your usual style. Add a modern model to a traditional living space for that sleek touch, or a traditional one to a modern space to warm things up. Place a maximalist table in a minimalist space for a little extra pop, and so on. To get you going on your search, here are our five favorite coffee tables sold on Amazon. And bonus: They all ring up under $200.


Best Glass Top Table

The modern glass top and rustic wooden shelf give you the best of both worlds. Plus, we're always here for a little extra storage, and the clear glass serves the same function as a display case to show off all of your cutest accessories.

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Most Design Forward

This table feels so high-end. It's crafted from the dream trio of walnut wood, eco-friendly rattan, and brass metal accents. From clean midcentury to relaxed boho, this table will make the perfect addition to your space.


Best Storage

If you're looking for extra storage but don't want all your items on open display, this table is for you. If you love working at your coffee table but hate slouching over it, this table is also for you.

Best Circular Design

Though not quite as common as rectangular tables, round coffee tables are a smart style choice. Offered in concrete, marble, and a variety of wooden finishes, there is sure to be a table that seamlessly meshes with your style.


Best Overall

This midcentury modern beauty has everything going for it. It's mega-affordable, stylish, and versatile. Use the open storage to display coffee table books and the closed storage for items you'd prefer hidden. Plus, it can be used as a TV stand or console table.



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