18 Disco Ball Decor Items to Make Your Retro Dreams Come True

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The disco ball has officially made a comeback, and no, they're not only reserved for trendy bars or nightclubs. Plucked straight from the '70s, we're welcoming disco balls into our homes as the latest design trend that anyone can get in on.


According to Sidney Hui, founder of vintage shop The Disco Loft, disco balls can be used in any space, regardless of your go-to interior design style. "Hanging, sitting, stand-alone, or in bunches, there's no wrong way to style them," Hui tells Hunker.

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

And let's not forget about the dazzling bonus of adding a disco ball to your space: the reflections. In what Hui calls "disco hour," the sun reflecting on the decor casts speckles of light throughout your space, providing a calming effect as she works from home.

"Disco hour is when the sun begins to shine and my home is suddenly filled with bright little 'disco dots' of reflected light," Hui says. "It's my reminder to take a breather and smile for a second, and it helps make my day infinitely better."

If you want to experience "disco hour" as much as we do, we rounded up the 18 best disco ball decor ideas to make your home shine.


The Best Disco Ball Decor

1. The Disco Loft Disco Ball, $12-$50

Support a small business while scoring adorable disco balls (and even more cool curated home finds) when you shop at The Disco Loft.


2. ADJ Products 16-Inch Disco Ball, $129.99


When it comes to disco balls, the phrase "go big or go home" has never been more appropriate. Whether you style it on the floor or hang it up, this 16-inch disco ball will surely make your space sparkle.


3. Dado Dado Designs Disco Ball Plant Hanger, $35-$106

Give your plant a retro vibe with this hanging disco ball planter.


4. Sofiest Designs The Original Mushroom Disco Ball, $40

Think cottagecore with a groovy twist when you buy these disco mushrooms from Etsy.


5. Havenstone Home Disco Ball Planter, $35.99

Upgrade your coffee table, nightstand, or desk with this gorgeous disco ball planter. With a flat bottom, you can use it on any surface. And if you want to hang it up, it comes with a cotton macrame hanger.



6. Mirrors By Lina Medium Disco Mirror Wavy Mirror, $900

Get the disco look without a traditional disco ball with this wavy, tiled mirror.


7. Chairish Contemporary Pop Art Melted Disco Ball Glass Mosaic Sculpture, $299

Available in silver and black, you can drape this sculptural piece on anything from a bookshelf to a side table.


8. France & Son Disco Mirror Pebble Coffee Table, $3,358

Almost like the '70s version of the DIY fave tile table, this curved coffee table will make a statement in any space.

9. Sofiest Designs Large Gold Disco Globe, $150


As if disco balls weren't cool enough, Sofiest Designs puts a spin on this classic by creating a one-of-a-kind disco globe.

10. Tatyanacco Disco Mirror Letters, $54

Monogram letters got a major makeover with these disco-style options.

11. AMCLUB Shop Disco Cactus, $85-$160

Give desert decor a whole new meaning with this disco cactus.

12. Sofiest Designs Cherry Disco Balls, $150-$220

Who knew that cherries and disco balls were a match made in heaven?


13. Kikkerland Disco String Lights, $9.33

Whether it's for a party or part of your everyday decor, these disco string lights from Amazon will brighten up any space.

14. Glam Globes Disco Ball Bar Cart, $221.31

Upgrade your average bar cart with a disco ball. It opens up to fit your go-to drinks or glassware and there's even more storage underneath.

15. Northlight Seasonal Mirrored Glass Disco Ball Christmas Ornaments (set of 6), $31.99

Don't wait for the holidays to break out these ornaments. Paired with clear string, you can mix and match sizes for your very own disco ball art installation.

16. Mirrors By Lina Disco Saturn Ball, $175

This Saturn-shaped disco ball is truly out of this world.

17. 1stDibs Disco Ball Wall Light, $955

Here's a disco ball with a modern touch. Rather than the square mirror tiles we all know and love, this wall light from 1stDibs features chrome discs to create similar sparkles to a standard disco ball.

18. Kelly Wearstler x Rotganzen L.A. Woman Disco Ball, $16,000

Certainly a splurge item, but we couldn't have a disco ball decor roundup without mention of the Dutch art collective Rotganzen and Kelly Wearstler. This limited edition collab features original and exclusive melting disco ball designs that come with a certificate and seal for authenticity.