7 Unexpected Ways to Hang Artwork and Photographs

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Hanging artwork and photographs can be a big commitment: a time commitment, a financial commitment, and a commitment to permanence. This certainly isn't always an issue, but in many circumstances, it very well may be. Maybe you're renting a space and hope to inflict the least possible amount of wall damage. Perhaps you're looking to display your children's artwork with the flexibility of swapping in their latest creations. Or maybe you're just tired of the overdone gallery wall look. We hear you! From photo grids to front-opening frames, these seven unique ways to hang photos may just be exactly what you're looking for.


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Magnetic Poster Hanger

This innovative, affordable, and sleek frame alternative is potentially our favorite on the list. Ideal for prints you don't need to keep behind glass, this system includes two top and two bottom magnetic bars that hold the paper in place. The top portion is connected to a string for hanging and the bottom weighs down the artwork so it doesn't curl or crease.


Photo Ledge

A wooden ledge is a creative way to include tons of artwork and photographs without framing and hanging each one individually. Depending on the width of the ledge's opening, you can include either unframed or framed pictures along with other knick-knacks and memorabilia. These wooden shelves work well on their own or stacked atop one another.


Wall Photo Grid

Exude a crafty vibe with metal wire grids for your favorite photos. This casual wall hanging is a perfect addition to your office or anywhere else you're looking to easily swap in and out pictures, notes, cards, small artwork, and the like. Simply secure these items to the board with decorative clips (that are often included with the board). And if you aren't hanging anything too heavy, Command hooks are a perfectly suitable approach to damage-free walls.


Acrylic Display

Although technically still a type of frame, an acrylic display adds a contemporary feel to your photo wall that a traditional frame just doesn't accomplish. Whether completely clear or lined with a neon border, this approach gives the illusion that your artwork is floating in space.


Collage Display

An exhibit-style photo gallery is another great way to display multiple pictures with just a couple of nails. This means less wall damage and less money spent. Plus, it switches things up and gives your space a bit of variety.


Wooden Slats

Hang artwork with zero hassle and no pressure of permanence. Your space will get a clean dose of minimalism at the same time.


Front-Opening Frame

The most brilliant way to display children's art, a front-opening frame allows you to show off their latest creation within seconds. It doubles as a storage space for additional drawings and paintings.



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