While a tile wall can be an elegant addition to any home, sometimes simply having bare tile leaves the space looking vacant. You may decide that you would like to hang up photos, but putting holes in the tile will often cause it to break. Fortunately it is possible to hang a photo on the wall without having to put in a nail.

How to Hang Pictures on a Tile Wall

Step 1

Purchase mounting tape. It can be found at most craft stores and stores that carry office supplies. Pay attention to the strength of the tape. If you are hanging large photos, you will want to purchase the strongest type possible. Make sure you purchase enough to hang your photo.

Step 2

Flip your photo over so that it is face down. Peel the adhesive backing off of the side of the mounting tape that will go on the frame. This should be labeled.

Step 3

If the photo is framed, place mounting tape all along the outside perimeter of the frame. If it is not framed, putting the mounting tape only on the corners will be sufficient.

Step 4

Use a damp cloth to clean the surface of the tile you will be putting the picture on.

Step 5

Allow the surface to dry completely.

Step 6

Hold the photo up to the wall and determine the positioning you want for your photo. It may be helpful to have someone else in the room to tell you if it is straight or not.

Step 7

Peel the remaining adhesive backing off of the mounting tape. Press the photo firmly on the wall.