9 TikTok Snack Recipes That Only Use Five Ingredients or Less

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Snack time is crucial for getting through the day. Aside from wanting to grab something substantial that will give you enough energy to make it to the next meal, you also want something that will satisfy your cravings and won't take too much time to prepare. If you normally go for prepackaged treats from stores like Trader Joe's or Costco, we're right there with you, but sometimes, we don't have time to head to the store and sometimes, we get a little sick of our favorites (no shame!).


Video of the Day

These TikTokers came up with some unique and delicious confections that all use only five ingredients or less, and won't take too much time to make. You likely already have many of these items lying around your kitchen, so you'll be able to whip these up with ease. Trust us, you'll definitely want to.

1. Yogurt-Covered Blueberries


This sweet treat by @maudeblackburn only uses three ingredients: blueberries, yogurt, and chocolate. You're going to want to make a large batch since you'll undoubtedly want to pop some of these in your mouth every time you head into the kitchen. While the snack is a healthy one, you'll also satisfy that mid-afternoon chocolate craving we all know so well.


2. Chocolate-Covered Fruit

Another healthy fruit and chocolate combo, but this one combines multiple types of produce. Creator @tracesoats opts for bananas and strawberries, but you really could use anything. Beware: These treats could get a little addicting.


3. Caramel Popcorn Bread

TikToker @cooking_with_raina always has some unique recipes up their sleeve, but this is one of our favorites. Using only bread, sugar, and water, they have figured out how to turn these ingredients into a snack resembling caramel popcorn. A must try!


4. Air Fryer Chocolate Pastries

Anything that can be made in the air fryer gets a green light from us. Creator @faithsfresh uses wonton wrappers and chocolate to concoct crispy rollups. According to the comments, they air fry at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for three to five minutes.


5. Ranch Snack Mix

User @mealsandmunchies takes beach snacks to the next level with their version of a ranch trail mix. After combining their favorite snacks like Chex, Goldfish, and pretzels, they drizzle the mixture with oil and ranch seasoning before baking. Ranch lovers are about to have a new favorite snack.


6. Yogurt Bark

This recipe will satisfy your chocolate craving without overdoing it. Creator @skylar_toth uses yogurt, fruit, honey, coconut, and a sprinkle of chocolate chips to create a dupe for chocolate bark. The perfect light (and sweet) treat.


7. Peanut Butter Chocolate Grahams

Don't think we forgot about you, peanut butter lovers. Sometimes, a snack just isn't complete without a little peanut butter. TikToker @imhungryforthat sandwiches peanut butter and chocolate in /between two graham crackers as a twist on the classic s'mores.

8. Spring Roll-Inspired Fruit Wraps

Genius doesn't even begin to describe this creation by @unboundwellness. Spring roll-inspired fruit wraps, anyone? The creator just wraps their favorite fruits in presoaked rice paper along with some mint leaves for extra flavor. They also use coconut yogurt mixed with honey as a dip.

9. Hot Buttered Cheerios

There's no need to buy flavored Cheerios anymore with this recipe. Using butter, vanilla, plain Cheerios, and cinnamon sugar, @aldentediva has created a delicious treat to munch on once the hunger sets in.