The Best Air Fryers for Small Kitchens

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All of us follow at least one person on Instagram who has an air fryer. How do we know they have an air fryer? Because people who have air fryers love to post about them. And while short video clips of other people's freshly fried potatoes and eggplant aren't exactly compelling pieces of content, they do prove one thing: Air fryers are pretty darn great.


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Air fryers allow you to cook your favorite crispy foods (think: chicken fingers and french fries) using a miraculously small amount of oil — without compromising flavor. The concentrated circulation of hot air eliminates the need for a deep fryer's worth of oil, achieving prime crunchy goodness without the calories and overall unhealthiness.

The versatile appliance, which works quickly and requires minimal cleanup, can also roast vegetables and bake bread. The only downside is that many air fryers are quite large, taking up too much counter space in even an average-sized kitchen, and can be rather pricey. We don't want you to miss out on all the crisp and crunch, though, so we rounded up the best compact, affordable air fryers for small kitchens. (Maybe just hold off on the Instagram posts.)

1. DASH Compact Air Fryer, $49.99

Small yet mighty, this adorable Dish air fryer has just half the weight of a normal air fryer — but all of the power. Its two-quart capacity can hold precisely six chicken wings, so it's ideal for cooking for one or two people. Plus, its convenient auto-shutoff timer allows you to simply press a button and walk away until your food is ready.

2. Black+Decker Purifry Air Fryer, $72.99

A duo of strong convection fans provides fast, crispy results in this two-quart Black+Decker air fryer. Cleanup is quick and simple, as well, since the nonstick cooking surfaces release food without needing any cooking spray and both the basket and separator are dishwasher safe.


3. GoWISE USA Digital Air Fryer, $67.99

Singles and couples will love this mini GoWISE air fryer, which features a 2.75-quart capacity and digital LCD controls. The machine alerts you when your desired cooking time has been reached, so you don't have to watch over it, and you can eat as soon as its ready.

4. Chefman Turbofry Air Fryer, $59.99

With an easy digital display, this sleek Chefman air fryer is super user-friendly. The flat basket design saves space, so you can fit as much food in the 3.6-quart chamber as possible, while the temperature control ensures you can cook everything exactly how you like it.

5. Philips Premium Digital Air Fryer, $219.95

If you're willing to splurge, but still want a compact design, look to this impressive Philips digital air fryer. The appliance includes Fat Removal Technology, which uses a "tornado" of hot air to melt away excess fat, and a starfish-shaped pan that optimizes airflow for extra crispy outcomes.


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