13 Instant Pot Accessories That Are Modern Kitchen Must-Haves

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There's something magical about the Instant Pot. It's a single device that allows you to cook a myriad of foods on different settings in less time, which sounds like wizardry to us. Plus, there are a ton of Instant Pot accessories and cheat sheets out there that will make using this appliance even more enjoyable. To illustrate this, we picked out some of our favorite items that will help you take your Instant Pot experience to the next level.


1. Packism Egg Steamer Rack, $7.99

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Now you can cook 18 eggs at once in a six- or eight-quart Instant Pot. This accessory is perfect for meal prepping.

2. Instant Pot 7.5" Non Stick Spring Form Pan, $13.59

You can use this handy pan to make baked goods in an Instant Pot that holds at least six quarts. That includes tarts, lasagnas, meatloafs, and more.

3. Instant Pot Official Cutting Board, $4.99

With this cheat sheet, you'll never have to google Instant Pot cooking times ever again. Plus, it's a cutting board!


4. OXO Silicone Pressure Cooker Lifter, $14.95

This silicone lifter will help you easily, cleanly, and safely lift food out of your Instant Pot.



5. Instant Pot Official Stainless Steel Baking Cups (set of 3), $19.99

For small-batch baked goods, these stainless steel baking cups are perfect.


6. Instant Pot 7" Non Stick Fluted Cake Pan, $12.99

Is anyone else now craving an Instant Pot bundt cake?


7. Instant Pot Silicone Egg Bite Tray with Lid, $12.99

If you're tired of spending money on Starbucks's tasty egg bites, you can instead make them at home using this Instant Pot egg bite tray.


8. Lotelli Kitchen Instant Pot Cheat Sheet Magnet Set, $10.97


In addition to cooking times, this Instant Pot cheat sheet also features liquid ratios. As for the best part, it's a magnet that you can easily access on your fridge.


9. Instant Pot Mesh Steamer Baskets (2-pack), $29.95

With these two steamer baskets (one of which fits inside the other), you can steam anything your heart desires in an Instant Pot.


10. Instant Pot Official Cleaning Brush, $7.64

If you own an Instant Pot, then you know how difficult it can be to clean the appliance's rim and lid. Fortunately, there's a cleaning brush that will help you scrub those hard-to-reach places.

11. Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker Springform Loaf Pan, $10.10


Yes, you can now make bread inside your Instant Pot.

12. PersonalhomeD Pressure Cooker Cover for 6-Quart Instant Pot, $26.44

Now you can travel with your Instant Pot — and keep it safe from dust — in style.

13. Brothers Bench Flower Steam Diverter Pressure Release, $7.99

This cute flower attaches to your Instant Pot's pressure release valve so that you can control where the steam goes.



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