24 Iconic 'Shark Tank' Home Products That Are Still on the Market

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After 12 seasons, ​Shark Tank​ has brought us a lot of entertainment ​and​ a lot of cool home products. To find out which ones are still for sale, we combed through ​Shark Tank's​ product list and picked out some of the most notable items. From cleaning products to pillows that feature a hoodie, get ready for a trip down memory lane (and perhaps your next purchase).


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1. Chopstick Art Folding Baskets, $38+

Featured in Season 1, these baskets are made of recycled chopsticks that would otherwise go to waste.


2. Grease Monkey Wipes, $10.55

These non-toxic cleaning wipes are meant to tackle messes involving a lot of grease and grime.


3. Mod Mom Toy Box, $375

After Season 2 of ​Shark Tank​, Kiersten Hathcock went on to launch her own line of modern kid's furniture.


4. The Smart Baker Cheat Sheet Baking Apron, $24.95

This apron is printed with everything you need to know to convert baking measurements.


5. Household Essentials Lifter Hamper Spring Loaded Laundry Bag, $29.99

This laundry bag rises up as weight is removed, meaning you don't have to bend over to remove all your laundry.


6. Eco Nuts Soap Berry Laundry Detergent, $18.99

This eco-friendly laundry detergent is made from dried soap berries that contain a natural soap.


7. Scrub Daddy Lemon Fresh Scrubber, $6.99

This Season 4 product remains firm in cold water and soft in hot water, so it works for every type of mess you could possibly encounter.


8. Urbio Happy Family Wall Planters, $29.90

Now made by company Honey-Can-Do, this magnetic organizer is perfect for creating a wall-based garden.

9. HoodiePillow Hooded Pillow Case, $29.95

This hooded pillowcase will make your head feel like it's in a cozy cocoon. They also have a travel version!

10. PicnicPal Plus Food Tent, $22.99

You can say goodbye to bugs getting all over your picnic food.

11. CordaRoy's Corduroy Bean Bag Chair, $256.73

It's a bean bag chair, but it could also be a bed!

12. Rapid Ramen Cooker, $10.98

The Rapid Ramen maker will make perfect ramen for you in a matter of three minutes.

13. Better Life Cleaning Products, $3.99+

These eco-friendly cleaning products are plant-based and biodegradable.

14. Ring Video Doorbell, $99.99

Formerly known as Doorbot, the Ring Video Doorbell got its start on Season 5 of ​Shark Tank​.

15. Bambooee Reusable Bamboo Towel (3-pack), $36.90

These are the first washable, reusable paper towels.

16. Ilumi Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulb, $44.87

Thanks to this lightbulb, you can have full control over your lighting right from your smartphone.

17. Lumio Lito Classic, $225

This lamp unfolds from a book, making it a functional and unique light source.

18. Safe Grabs Multi-Purpose Silicone Original Microwave Mat, $27.95

Safe Grabs allows you to pull hot items out of the microwave without burning your hands.

19. Little Nomad Play Mat, $99

These play mats for kids were designed to look like stylish rugs.

20. Ēdn SmallGarden, $199.95

These automated indoor gardens take all the stress out of gardening.

21. Stasher Silicone Food Storage Bags, $18.40

These eco-friendly storage bags can be washed and then reused.

22. Frywall Splatter Guard, $18.95

This guard saves you (and your stove) from getting covered in cooking splatter.

23. DrainWig Shower Drain Protectors, $8.63

DrainWig catches all the hair that goes down your shower drain, so you'll never have to deal with clogged pipes ever again.

24. Blueland Cleaning Products, $6+

These eco-friendly cleaning products were a Season 11 star.