This Amazon Find Allows You to Air Fry Foods — Without an Air Fryer

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Air fryers have undoubtedly become one of the trendiest kitchen essentials — and rightfully so. Who wouldn't want a readily available contraption that allows you to quickly cook meats, veggies, and all your favorites from the Trader Joe's frozen aisle to crispy perfection (with the help of this air fryer cheat sheet, of course)? If you haven't hopped on the air fryer bandwagon yet, you may not need to with this Amazon find.


If you already own an Instant Pot or some sort of electric pressure cooker, you can actually use those appliances to mimic an air fryer. This Sousvide Art lid attachment from Amazon works like a charm at air frying foods without the actual gadget. The cover is currently priced at $89, so you'll save a few dollars on buying a whole new appliance — and plenty of counter space.

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The lid has seven cooking modes (including air fry, broil, and bake) and comes with a basket, steam rack, silicone mat, kitchen tongs, and a cookbook to get you started with some recipes. It will fit comfortably on most pressure cookers between six and eight quarts (and even some metal pots).

The product is also super easy to clean, as you just remove the lid to wash and can easily stow it away to keep your counter clutter-free.

If you were feeling hesitant about buying another appliance to add to your collection, this is a great option to test the waters to see if you actually want an air fryer. Or maybe this lid will work just perfectly for you. Either way, there's some tasty food in your future.



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