11 IKEA Barbecue Essentials Under $10

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If you predict lots of grilling in your near future, there's plenty to love over at IKEA. Whether you need some basic tools or want to supplement your current BBQ essentials, you can find lots of gems for budget-friendly prices. From squeeze bottles to a hamburger press, IKEA has thought of it all.


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Check out some of our fave, affordable picks below.

1. Grilltider Skewers (pack of 6), $3.49

Grab your veggies, meats, and more to grill on these skewers. Simple and budget-friendly, like many IKEA finds.


2. Blanda Blank Serving Bowl, $3.99

Get your marinated treats or salad ingredients together in one place with this essential serving bowl.


3. Grilltider Barbecue Tools Set, $5.99

Need some basic tools? This set will definitely help you get things started.


4. Mariatheres Apron, $9.99

Protect your summer outfit and feel like a professional with this striped apron.


5. Grilltider Squeeze Bottle (pack of 2), $1.99

Don't forget the ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, and other condiments.


6. Garnityren Bowl With Lid (set of 5), $6.99

Bring all your ingredients outside easily — and then use these bowls to store all the leftovers.


7. Grilltider Barbecue Tray, $7.99

Serve up that delicious fare on a tray to your hungry guests' delight.


8. Grilltider Barbecue Brush, $1.99

If you're all about making sure the sauce is generously applied, this brush is a no-brainer.


9. Grilltider Hamburger Press, $8.99

Get those patties ready for some grilling action with this handy tool.


10. Pitcher With Lid, $7.99

Don't forget about your beverages! The cork lid of this piece makes it even more stylish, and the glass part is dishwasher-friendly.

11. Grilltider Barbecue Grill Cleaning Brush, $4.49

And when all the fun is over, give your grill a good cleaning with this clever brush.


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