The Best Food Processors on Amazon

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A food processor is one of those kitchen items that you might not think you need, but once you have one, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. This ingenious device can chop, shred, and slice virtually anything with the push of a button, significantly cutting down your cooking time. And, depending on its attachments, it can also juice and puree fruits and veggies, julienne vegetables, cut French fries, and make quick work of kneading dough.


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That said, there are seemingly endless food processors out there, which vary significantly by price, size, and features, so figuring out the best one for your household can be just a tad overwhelming. To make it easier, we did the research for you, identifying the best food processors for every type of cook and budget. Whether you regularly whip up gourmet meals for large groups of people or you stick to cooking basic dishes for one or two, you can find the perfect food processor for all of your culinary needs below.

Best Value

Food processors don't need to be expensive to deliver high-quality performance. This budget-friendly option is packed full of features to ease your cooking ventures. The 450W motor is powerful enough to process tough ingredients, while a variety of blades and disc attachments let you chop, slice, shred, mix, and puree all kinds of ingredients. The disc attachments are also reversible, offering two-in-one capabilities to save precious storage space.

Another cool feature is the bowl scraper attachment, which automatically scrapes the sides of the 10-cup bowl, keeping ingredients close to the blades for more efficient and spatula-free processing. The processor also features a compact design, so it won't take up too much counter space, and the BPA-free bowl is dishwasher-safe, making even the messiest ingredients a cinch to clean.

Best Pro-Grade Processor

When you're always dreaming of your next culinary creation and even the most complex recipes don't intimidate you, then you need a food processor that can support your every cooking whim. This Breville gem can do just that and then some. The processor comes with five multi-function discs, three blades, and two processing bowls, allowing you to chop, mix, slice, puree, and otherwise process a wide variety of ingredients.


The device also features three chute options, including an extra-wide feed that cuts longer slices and a mini chute that prevents long, thin items, like carrots, from tipping during slicing. Speaking of slicing, the variable slicing disc allows you to choose from 24 different widths, ranging from 0.3 mm all the way up to 8.0 mm. Other discs include a julienne disc, French fry disc, whisking disc, and reversible shredding disc. And the device's heavy-duty, high torque 1,200W motor ensures you can process the toughest ingredients with total confidence that the processor can handle the job.

Best Compact Processor

These days, adequate square footage is tough to come by, so the last thing a lot of us need is a big ol' processor hogging all of our counter space. Weighing in at just over 2.5 pounds, this mini food processor will help you whip up a ton of different meals without cramping your countertop, and the 3.5-cup bowl is perfect for processing ingredients for two.

Inside of the dishwasher-safe bowl, you'll find a stainless steel blade that can chop and puree with precision, locking into place when needed so you can pour your sauces and purees with ease. Meanwhile, the processor's two speeds and pulse operation let you create everything from chunky pico de gallo to smooth sauce, while its 20 different color options ensure that you can meet all of your processing needs while complementing your kitchen aesthetic.

Best Large Processor

If you find yourself regularly cooking for a big family or hosting dinner parties, then this large food processor will make easy work of it. In addition to a 14-cup bowl for big meals, the processor comes with a 4.5-cup bowl for smaller portions, each with pour spouts, measurement markings, and tight seals to make life easier and cleaner.

The processor features a 1,300W motor that can tackle the toughest ingredients and a simple electronic touchpad to easily control all of its features. You'll also receive several attachments, including various stainless steel chopping and mixing blades, a dough blade, and a spatula, plus an accessory storage case, perfect for hiding attachments out of sight and adding new ones when the mood strikes.


Best Blender-Food Processor Hybrid

In addition to dicing, chopping, and mincing ingredients, this all-in-one processor can blend frozen fruits and veggies in an instant, making it just as great for meals as it is for refreshing smoothies. The ergonomic, 400W Power Pod features a simple, one-touch pulsing button that delivers control and consistent results, while two different blades let you blend and process with precision.

The device comes with a 16-oz chopper bowl for meal ingredients and a 48-oz pitcher, perfect for whipping up a fresh batch of margaritas. And each of the containers comes with a no-slip base and splash guard in addition to a lid, so you can easily store your goods in the fridge or freezer. But perhaps the best part of this little kitchen treasure is that you get all of its features for less than $50, making it a total steal.