Top 5 DIY Tools According to an Expert DIY Creator

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If you're into home decor DIY projects, chances are you already have some tools in your toolbox. If not, it might be time to up your game. However, you don't have to go overboard. Expert DIY creator and photographer Trisha Spouse shares her top five DIY tools to add to your workstation.


If you want to hear more about her tips, tricks, and helpful advice when it comes to creating DIYs, read more here or listen to our conversation on the Being Home With Hunker podcast. She shares some gems!

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Trisha’s Favorite DIY Tools

1. Power Drill


"I think that's essential," says Sprouse about having a power drill on hand for DIY projects. "It's something that you need [in order to] assemble anything — or hang anything."


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2. Orbital Sander

An orbital sander "will save you a lot of elbow grease if you're trying to strip paint or stain from anything, [or] if you're trying to refinish a piece of furniture," Sprouse shares.


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3. Mitre Saw

"It doesn't have to be those really expensive $300 power mitre saws," Sprouse advises. "You can get the little hand saw mitres for 10 bucks. That will go a long way if you're doing any kind of trim work where you need to have 45-degree angles where they meet to get that polished look."



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4. Staple Gun

Not necessarily a power tool, but as Sprouse says, a staple gun is "really handy to have if you're doing any upholstery work, [or] if you want to recover a chair seat or redo a bench."


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5. Hot Glue Gun

"Anybody can use [a hot glue gun] and you can turn any project into a no-sew project these days," says Sprouse. She also suggests that you can get special hot glue that is specifically hot glue for fabric, which makes it easier to wash. "I use that constantly."


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