How to Hang Hooks on Concrete Block Walls

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Hanging a hook on a concrete block wall may seem impossible, but this job is actually relatively easy and straightforward. Drilling through the concrete does require some special tools, which are readily available for purchase at your local hardware store. If you do not want to purchase the tools, ask the store if they are available for rental.

Step 1

Hold the hook on the concrete block wall. Place a mark on the wall at the screw holes' locations with a pencil. Set the hook aside.


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Step 2

Drill a pilot hole through each mark, using a hammer drill with a masonry bit. Use a masonry bit with the same diameter as the sleeve anchors. Drill the hole a little deeper than the sleeve's length.

Step 3

Unscrew the mounting screws from the sleeves. Push the sleeves into the pilot hole. Gently tap them in with a hammer until they are flush against the wall.

Step 4

Put the screw through the hook's screw holes. Line up the screws with the sleeves. Use a screwdriver to tighten the screw into the sleeve.



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