Sarah Sherman Samuel: Handmade Items Add Value to Our Homes

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Being Home With Hunker is a podcast where each week we chat with designers, artists, and creatives in the spaces that express and shape their identities: their homes.

When an object is handmade, interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel says, "There's a slight imperfection and you know that a human is behind it, and you feel that connection to the human. So it's the energy of a piece that you can feel. But also the aesthetic of the piece. I feel like if there's anything too perfect, then it just looks like it doesn't have a soul."


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On the Being Home With Hunker podcast we feature Sarah Sherman Samuel, a designer whose work is focused on interiors, architecture, art, and product development. She's been featured in Architectural Digest, Dwell Magazine, Sunset Magazine, and Domino Magazine, to name a few. Maybe you were among the many who swooned when you saw the redesign of actress Mandy Moore's house? Yes, that was Sarah's work.


Sarah recently launched three new websites: Sarah Sherman Samuel (her design portfolio – visit here if you want to see beautiful images of interiors); SSS Edit (a redesign of her personal blog that she started in 2012, which includes DIYs, interviews, and Sarah's Picks); and SSS Atelier (which is a virtual gallery of her plaster work, large scale silk screen tapestries, and vintage finds – all for sale.)


If you're wondering how she has time to do everything that she's doing, you're not alone. She gets this question a lot. And her answer might surprise you. (You'll need to tune into the episode to find out!)

She is a designer and artist who is happiest when she's creating – and sees the beauty in imperfection. And, Sarah says, she likes her house and her furniture to have "a little bit of wonk."


In this episode we talk about:

  • The launch of her three new websites.
  • How her move from Los Angeles to Michigan three years ago gave her more creative freedom to create and paint.
  • How SSS Atelier was created for her to sell her personal artwork (for the first time ever) and vintage furniture pieces.
  • Pop Pop – her dad who does woodworking and taught her woodworking when she was younger, and how they are creating furniture and designs together.
  • The reasons why she values pieces for the home that are handmade – how there's beauty in imperfection – it's the energy in the piece and the aesthetic. (And why she'll never straighten her bottom teeth!)
  • Why she decided to start painting– and how watching the tile being placed in her home inspired her to use the thinset plaster for her art pieces.
  • We talk about how her dad loved designing and building houses as she grew up, and her mom had an eye for design and DIYing.
  • How she finds the time to run her business, be a mother, renovate her home, build a showhouse, and launch her own artwork collection – her charming answer might not be what you expect!
  • How she and her husband decided to "up and move" from Los Angeles to Michigan – and bought their house site unseen on Redfin.
  • The things she loves most about her home, including a giant round skylight.
  • We talk about the fabric line she'll be launching with Lulu and Georgia – and how a piece of art that her son Archie drew will be turned into a pattern for the line.
  • Her first big furniture line she's partnering on with Lulu and Georgia, launching on February 22nd.


Learn More About Sarah Sherman Samuel

If you want to learn more, read more, discover more about Sarah Sherman Samuel,, visit any of these places:

  • Websites:


  2. SSS Atelier
  3. SSS Edit

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