8 Unexpected Items That Help Keep Your Home Healthy

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Welcome to Healthy Home: This is the moment to double down on making your home as healthy as possible, whether it's finding nontoxic cookware, trying out new natural cleaning methods, or turning your space into a fitness and wellness zone.

The past few years have had many of us looking at our homes a bit differently. How can we make use of our outdoor space? How can we add some color to our living spaces after days, and days, and ​days​ of seeing the exact same thing to better our mental health? How can we live healthier lives that really put our well-being into focus? While sleep supplements are exploding and it feels like nearly everyone has an exercise bike (or wants one), home decor has experienced a shift, too. We want our homes to be healthier, and we want to be able to make those changes easily.


Luckily, for those of us who are newly obsessed with keeping our homes healthy, many brands are bringing wellness and well-being to the forefront — and the (digital) storefront. There are the obvious ones, like air purifiers, but you likely already have your bases covered there. That's why we're focusing on more unique finds that add value to your space while prioritizing design and aesthetics. Below, you'll find some chic, but unusual, things to keep your home healthy.

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1. Fashionable and Functional Humidifiers

Instagram's favorite humidifier is beloved for a reason. Between Canopy's unique filter and the fact that it's dishwasher safe (a huge bonus!), it's a living space staple. The tank offers 36 hours of running time, and the brand's essential oils smell incredible, so you're not only cleaning your space but adding a nice fragrance, too — and doing so via a chic item that looks nothing like your grandmother's clunky humidifier.


Our pick:Canopy Humidifier, $150

2. Sustainable Laundry Detergents

Maybe it's my age showing here, but I've become newly obsessed with laundry detergent. As I was evaluating the health of my home, I realized a lot of my cleaning supplies aren't actually all that clean, and that I wasn't prioritizing sustainability as much as I should have been. I started using this laundry detergent from The Simply Co., and the lavender scent is my favorite. It's an undeniable, unusual healthy home essential worth trying.


Our pick:The Simply Co. Organic Laundry Detergent, $18


3. Light Therapy

I adore this happy light for multiple reasons: one, it's relatively small and compact, so it doesn't take up a ton of space in my apartment; two, its minimalist branding means it blends in well with the rest of my decor; and three, it's actually working. I also really enjoy that it has multiple brightness levels and color temperatures (cool versus warm colors), so I'm able to adjust the settings based on what I need that day.


Product:Verilux HappyLight, $49.99

4. Salt Lamps

I feel like I can't hop on Pinterest without seeing salt rock lamps and oil diffusers. Now, Pure Enrichment has combined both of these wellness faves in a single product. It's good vibes all around, and, thanks to the essential oil option, it smells really good, too.


Our pick: PureGlow Crystal Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp & Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser, $59.99

5. Silk Pillowcases

Silk pillowcases are beautiful, but their benefits are far from just visual. Silk pillowcases come with a ton of unexpected health advantages, from preventing dry skin and hair to fighting acne. The lack of friction that comes with a soft, silky pillowcase means that the fabric doesn't tug at your skin and prevents wrinkles and breakouts.



Our pick: LilySilk Silk Pillowcases, $30

6. Cooling Bedding

Buffy's eucalyptus bedding has been trending for a while now, and it's been for a good reason. It functions as home decor in and of itself — the beautiful, naturally dyed fabric is just so eye-catching. It's also earth-friendly and hypoallergenic, so you'll feel good having it in your space. Plus, the brand isn't lying when it says this bedding is so lightweight. It's perfect for sweaty summer sleepers.


Our pick:Buffy Bedding, $129

7. Nontoxic Candles

As a millennial with a candle budget, I have to admit first and foremost that I consider candles to be an invaluable part of home decor. They do it all, from shifting the energy in your space and providing comforting lighting to, depending on the packaging, acting as a statement piece. This Echo Lake Candle from Lake & Skye is genderless and light, making it a reliable feature in any living space. As an added bonus, it's free of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates, and it's vegan and cruelty-free, so it's a healthy home must-have you'll feel good gifting (or nabbing for yourself).



Our pick: Lake & Skye Echo Lake Candle, $48

8. Stylish Reusable Bags

When you think "healthier home," you probably don't think much about your bag collection. But I've found that using Baggu for my shopping, rather than usual plastic bags, has me rethinking what I bring into my home in general. It's like a shift in your mindset. If you're more intentional in your plastic use, it's just a step away from being more intentional in your life, period, which helps you align with healthier habits. Plus, having my Baggu tucked away means it's ready at a moment's notice for an unplanned farmers market trip. Hello, fresh produce!

Our pick:Standard Baggu Bag, $12



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