How to Use Essential Oils at Home According to an Aromatherapist

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On the Being Home With Hunker podcast, expert aromatherapist Amy Galper shares ideas on how to use aromatherapy in our homes, including tips on how to choose the best essential oils.


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As Galper says, the "power of aromatherapy really lies in our sense of smell. The fact that it's called aromatherapy is not just by chance. It's all about how aroma and our sense of smell has such a profound effect on our health and our wellbeing. So, if we can understand that our sense of smell has that kind of effect and power over us, then we really can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy."


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Safe Ways to Use Aromatherapy

When bringing aromatherapy into the home, Galper shares, "I am a real advocate for using aromatherapy every day and finding ways to integrate it into our normal habits and practices. So, diffusing is really, I think, one of the best ways to experience aromatherapy safely and effectively in the home, and also adding it to our cleaning products as we clean our home, adding it to, as you said, little aromatic spritzers to use in different occasions. But I do think that having some kind of diffusion going on in the home of 100% authentic and genuine essential oils can be really beneficial. And it can be an active diffusion, meaning [buying] an essential oil diffuser or machine that actively diffuses it."


Clever Tip!

She also suggests an interesting tip of how we can use a passive diffuser by "putting a few drops on a cotton ball and leaving it around the room or putting a drop on a pillow on your couch and have it diffuse that way." Love this!

But how to choose the right essential oils? Galper suggests only using 100% plant-based essential oils. She says that there are "a lot of fragrance oils or fragrances that are marketed as being essential oils and 100% pure, but they're not. And … when you diffuse a fragrance oil that is not 100% plant based, when you are vaporizing those synthetic molecules, it can be ultimately not so healthy for us. So, we want to make sure that we're always diffusing a pure, 100% natural essential oil."


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