I Tried Canopy’s Small and Sleek Diffuser — Here’s My Honest Review

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As someone who loves a good home fragrance, I've tried everything from candles to water diffusers to incense to fill my space with amazing scents. However, I'd never tried a waterless diffuser until I came across the Canopy Diffuser and the Rituals by Canopy Aroma Kit. From how to use it to what makes it different, here's my honest review.


(While I did receive the diffuser as a gift from the brand, all of the following thoughts and opinions expressed below are my own and are not influenced by Canopy, in any way.)

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What makes the Canopy Diffuser different?

You may know Canopy for its highly rated humidifier, but the diffuser is another unique offering that the brand has in its collection. Initially launched in August 2021, the Canopy Diffuser is a compact (4-inch-by-4-inch-by-4.2-inch) and lightweight option at only 0.5 pounds. Available for $70 with an aroma subscription with essential oils and $90 without, you can get it in white, blue, green, and pink colorways.

The diffuser uses waterless and mist-free technology to disperse your favorite essential oils up to 400 square feet. With three fan speeds (low, medium, and high), you can easily control how strong the scents are.

According to Eric Neher, chief marketing officer at Canopy, the waterless diffuser is also a healthier alternative to using some home fragrances, like traditional diffusers.


"Traditional diffusers use water to force aroma oils into the air through a wet mist that can carry with it bacteria and particles," Neher tells Hunker. "We designed the Canopy Diffuser to alleviate the hassles and health risks of traditional models so customers can enjoy clean, healthy aroma diffusion."

How do you use a Canopy Diffuser?

My favorite thing about the Canopy Diffuser is the customization options between short-term and long-term diffusion. If you like to switch up your scents frequently or are only looking to diffuse a scent a little throughout the day, use the ceramic puck that comes with each Canopy essential oil. All you have to do is add two to five drops onto the puck, which is then absorbed into the ceramic, then add to the top of the diffuser, and select your fan speed.



For long-term diffusion, use the ceramic well. "The Diffusion Well is for when you've found your favorite aroma and you want longer-term, consistent diffusion," Neher says. "Turn the entire bottle of aroma oil upside down in the well and let the ceramic become saturated. Then enjoy longer-term scenting that lasts up to two weeks."

What are the benefits of using the Canopy Diffuser?

In addition to making your home smell better, the Canopy Diffuser is a must for anyone who wants mess-free aromatherapy. With water diffusers, you have to either go through the cycle until the water runs out or swap it out and potentially waste essential oils if you want to change your scents. You also run the risk of spills if you're clumsy like me. With this diffuser, I can swap out the scents as I please without any hassle, which brings me to my next point: the Canopy essential oils.


I currently have the Rituals by Canopy Aroma Kit and I genuinely love everything about it. It includes Emerald Grove, a tea olive, mango, and lemon blend; Salt Cave, which smells like chamomile, sea salt, and lime; and Indigo Sage, a juniper, sweet basil, and hemp combo. My go-to is Emerald Grove, but I rotate through them to change it up depending on my mood. And if you want a consistent flow of the many essential oils the brand has available, you can opt for a subscription that sends a kit with three blends, three pucks, and one Diffusion Well every 45 days.


It's also compact and can fit in practically any space. I like to keep mine by my desk as a nice pick-me-up while working. It's also powered by a USB-C cord (that's included), so you can plug it into your computer or laptop for an extra scent boost, too.


Is the Canopy Diffuser worth it?

Image Credit: Pauline Lacsamana for Hunker

If you're in need of an easy way to make your home smell amazing, consider getting the Canopy Diffuser. It has a sleek and simple design and can be placed on your desk, on your bedside table, or in your bathroom. On top of being a great way to upgrade your home, it also makes a great gift for home fragrance lovers.


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