DIY Spring-Scented Room Spray Using Essential Oils

How To Make A Room Spray
credit: Ana Stanciu

Scents of freshly cut grass, blooming trees, and budding flowers are the harbingers of spring. And bringing these refreshing fragrances inside your home is a cinch with this DIY spring-scented room spray. It's just oils and water, right? Nope! This recipe includes a few tips and tricks to help the room spray and scent last longer. But don't worry, it's still easy.

Things You'll Need

  • Fine mist spray bottle, 4 ounces

  • Lavender oil, 50 drops

  • Bergamot oil, 38 drops

  • Ylang ylang oil, 20 drops

  • Ethanol alcohol, 1 ounce ( 190 proof, like Everclear )

  • Distilled water, 3 ounces

Tip: High-proof alcohol acts as a solvent to dissolve the essential oils so they can be mixed into a water-based room spray without separating. If you can't find 190 proof, use the highest proof you can find.

DIY Spring Room Spray
credit: Ana Stanciu

Step 1

Add all the essential oil drops to the spray bottle. This combination of floral lavender and ylang ylang with citrusy bergamot creates a bright spring scent that will revive your space. You can use any combination of essential oil scents, but keep the total number of essential oil drops to 108 for a 3 percent dilution.

Ylang ylang oil is considered a "base note" in aromatherapy. Base notes take longer to evaporate, which helps the room spray scent linger longer in the air. Other base notes to try are sandalwood, jasmine, patchouli, and vetiver.

Step 2

Add 1 fluid ounce of alcohol to the spray spray bottle. Give the bottle a swirl, then replace the cap and let the oils and alcohol sit for one hour.

Homemade Spring-Scented Room Spray
credit: Ana Stanciu

Step 3

Take off the spray bottle top and fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water. Using distilled water helps prevent mold or bacteria growth so the room spray lasts longer. The high-proof alcohol also acts as an anti-microbial preservative.

Make a Room Spray for Spring
credit: Ana Stanciu

Step 4

Replace the cap and give the bottle a shake to mix everything together.

How to make a spring room spray
credit: Ana Stanciu

Step 5

To use, spritz liberally around your room. The spring scent freshens living rooms and bathrooms and can be used as a linen spray to scent the bedroom.

Spritz a DIY room spray
credit: Ana Stanciu

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Stephanie Gerber

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