Homemade Tiki Torch Fuel

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Things You'll Need

  • Glass or metal mixing container

  • 16-oz. bottle isopropyl alcohol, 91 to 96 percent alcohol content

  • Distilled water

  • Measuring spoons

  • Essential oil (optional)

Make homemade tiki torch fuel using isopropyl alcohol and distilled water.

Tiki torches add a tropical flair to a patio or outside garden area. Standard tiki torch fuel -- which helps ward off mosquitoes -- is available at local home and garden centers. Homemade tiki torch fuel provides light, but does not have the ingredients to keep mosquitoes at bay. A simple oil lamp fuel made from isopropyl alcohol and distilled water will burn in a tiki torch. Pure olive oil or coconut oil will burn clean in a tiki torch and do not require mixing.


Step 1

Measure one tsp. of distilled water. Pour the distilled water into the 16-oz. bottle of isopropyl alcohol.

Step 2

Replace the lid on the bottle. Shake to mix.

Step 3

Add a fragrance to the fuel, if you choose. Add 1/2 tsp. of essential oil, such as lavender or rose. Shake to mix the contents.

Step 4

Pour the homemade fuel into the fuel chamber of the tiki torch.


Shake the bottle to mix the fuel each time before you pour it into the tiki torch's fuel chamber.


Label the container as tiki torch fuel.



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