We Tested 7 Popular Air Purifiers — Here's What We Thought

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Whether you try to keep germs at bay with your trusty hand sanitizer, suffer from seasonal allergies, or simply light a lot of candles, an at-home air purifier is a brilliant way to keep the air you regularly inhale fresh and clean. Between VOCs, HEPA filters, and UV-C, the terms and specs surrounding air purifiers can get rather confusing, not to mention, they're pretty pricey. This is why it helps to have a first-hand account from a trusted pal — and why the Hunker team tested out a ton of different air purifiers to get the scoop on what's worth it. Before you make your purchase, check out our honest thoughts below on the most popular models on the market.


1. TruSens Z-3000 Air Purifier With Air Quality Monitor, $389

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Who:​ Jamie, senior utility editor

Specs:​ This large yet sleek air purifier comes with a separate SensorPod Air Quality Monitor, which helps detect pollutants, VOCs, and allergens throughout the room — not just the ones next to the unit. The air purifier has an easy-to-read air quality indicator on the unit, which is also available to view on the TruSens app. Equipped with a DuPont HEPA filter, this air purifier traps airborne viruses, allergens, VOC gases, and it also kills bacteria with ultraviolet light. Standing 28 inches tall, it can purify the air in a 750-square-foot room and has five different fan speeds.


Review:​ I already have a smaller air purifier for my daughter's nursery, so I was eager to see what a larger model could do in my living room, which is filled with dog hair, dog hair, and more dog hair. When I unboxed the TruSens, it was definitely pretty hefty in size, but it was light to lift and very easy to set up in the corner. After activating the SensorPod Air Quality Monitor (a separate Alexa-like device that goes in the opposite corner of the room) and downloading the TruSens app, the machine quietly whirred and updated me when my air quality was poor (mostly, right after fluffing the pillows on my couch, where my dog spends most of her day).


For as large as the machine is, it's very unobtrusive and it looks as stylish as an air purifier can be expected to look. My favorite feature? Being able to check on the air quality on the app while I'm away from home, which reassures me that, no, I didn't leave the stove on and start a fire.

Overall grade:​ A



2. Alen BreatheSmart 45i True HEPA Air Purifier, $429

Who:​ Kendra, audience development manager


Specs:​ The True HEPA air purifier cleans 800 square feet of air every 30 minutes and captures 99.99% of airborne contaminants down to 0.1 microns. It's the only HEPA air purifier proven to improve sleep. The brand offers a lifetime warranty with registration and a filter subscription with four filter options. And the front panel is customizable to match your decor.

Review:​ The Alen BreatheSmart 45i came with easy instructions. I turned it on Turbo mode to start and the air in my bedroom was cleared after just a few hours! There's a particle sensor that lets you know the status of the air. I definitely noticed a difference in my sleep too — I felt more rested. It's so quiet, I can only hear it if I'm trying to (it's pink noise, which is quieter than white noise) and the lights turn off completely. After a week of using it 24/7, I achieved my fastest uphill sprint time this year, even though I was tired. My lungs just feel healthier; I didn't expect to feel such a difference. I might just have to get a second one for my living room.


Overall grade:​ A+

3. Aeris Aair Lite, $499

Who:​ Ariane, senior design editor



Specs:​ This air purifier with smart technology is rated HEPA 13, so it also removes pollen, smoke, dust, particulates, pet dander, mold, ​and​ cooking pollutants.​

Review:​ I am one of the many Angelenos who happens to live in an apartment, with a dog, very close to a freeway. As a result, I constantly struggle with not only increased noise pollution but air pollution, too. Needless to say, I was extremely excited for the opportunity to try out an air purifier from Aeris. When I first opened the box, I was struck by the sleek, minimalist design. The purifier is a simple cylinder with a mesh fabric sleeve that is "infused with zinc-pyrithione, an antimicrobial coating that destroys surface-level viruses and bacteria." And after the last year, I'll take all the help I can get in that department. In fact, this air purifier is rated HEPA 13 — which means "that it captures 99.95% of pollutants at 0.1 microns" — so it also removes pollen, smoke, dust, particulates, pet dander, mold, ​and​ cooking pollutants, too! Additionally, it has a closed system so all of the nasty pollutants stay inside, and can't get out.


I also noticed that there aren't any knobs, switches, or levers to finagle on the exterior of the Aair Lite — it is controlled using a touch panel (or the Aeris app on your phone). In addition to its good looks, it is also much quieter and smarter than my other air purifier. It has technology that actually self-adjusts the fan speed depending on the quality of the indoor air and it adapts to my life using "advanced IAQ sensors and software." And that's not all: It also has a built-in air quality monitor so I can see just how well it is working at any given moment. Another cool feature is that, unlike some air purifiers, this one is ozone-free, meaning it is much better for my health.


Overall, I am very happy and impressed with the Aair Lite air purifier. My only issue is that it is a tad bit larger than I imagined it would be (11" diameter x 19" high), so I had to rearrange a few things to make room for it. And at some point, I will probably swap out the protective sleeve for a different color that works better with the rest of my home decor. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is in the market for a stylish, new air purifier.


Overall Grade:​ A-

4. Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Air Purifier, $688.99

Who:​ Katie, senior commerce editor

Specs:​ This three-in-one hybrid not only purifies the air but is also a cooling fan and heater. It automatically detects pollutants found in the air and oscillates up to 360 degrees. An activated carbon filter removes gases and odors and a HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns in size. Plus, it can be controlled via a remote or app on your phone.

Review:​ When I think of Dyson, I immediately think of top-of-the-line products — those "never lose suction" commercials really made an impression. Before trying this purifying fan, the only thing I had tried was the vacuum, which I love, but this fan is just as good. Having both cooling and heating capabilities is a game-changer, especially as I work from home and can have localized temperature settings right at my desk. It's sleek, lightweight, and easy to move around to wherever I need it to be. I rarely use the app on my phone honestly, but it's great to have the option in case the remote isn't near (although the remote is also magnetized to stick to the fan itself, which is a brilliant feature).

The small screen on the fan is really what blows me away, though. It showcases the pollutants as a number and color: 1-33 is green and very good (usually my space is around a seven); 34-66 is still green, but just good; 67-100 is yellow and fair; 101-150 is red and poor; 151-200+ is very poor and, in some cases, hazardous. Honestly, I never really thought much about the quality of the air around me until I started using this fan. Every time I light a candle, the number shoots up into the 200s. Every time I do my hair with my Revlon Hair Dryer, it shoots up into the 100s. It's wild to think about all of the times I've inhaled less than ideal air conditions and not even known about it. I credit the Dyson Air Purifier with helping me become a little more self-aware.


Overall grade:​ A-

5. Oransi mod HEPA Air Purifier, $599

Who:​ Anna, senior lifestyle editor

Specs:​ This fashionable-yet-functional air purifier removes allergens, dust, bacteria, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, smoke, viruses, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Measuring 14 inches wide and deep, and 25 inches high, this purifier can clean up to 1,250 square feet and scans the room two times per hour.

Review:​ When I first received this air purifier, I was shocked by its size (mostly because I didn't look at the dimensions before requesting it). However, once I started using the device, I was comforted by how big it is and how much space it's able to purify. It's quiet, sleek (it has a glass touchscreen interface and light gray fabric exterior), has a long lifespan (the filter lasts six to 12 months), and it really does make my home's air feel fresh and clean. When I blow out a candle, the smoke smell goes away within minutes. So basically, this item is a dream for allergy sufferers like myself.

Overall grade:​ A+

6. Molekule Air Mini+, $499

Who:​ Pauline, associate commerce editor

Specs:​ Available on both the Molekule website and Amazon, the Molekule Air Mini+ is a design-forward, FDA-cleared air purifier made for small spaces at 12 inches tall and 8.26 inches wide. It covers up to 250 square feet with six fan speeds, features a 360-degree air intake, and uses a multi-layer PECO filter to trap particles and filter the air. The air purifier can also be controlled through an app that shows you the particle level in your space and the filter status. Plus, it's Apple HomeKit enabled.

Review:​ Out of the handful of air purifiers I've tried, the Molekule Air Mini+ is one of my favorites. It's small and portable with a vegan leather handle that's a nice touch compared to other options on the market. On top of the air purifier being extra quiet and barely audible on the lowest setting, I love being able to use an app to check out the particle levels in my room and adjust the fan speed. The app shows you what each level (Good, Moderate, Bad, and Very Bad) means, but if there's one thing I could change it would be a more thorough breakdown of the types of pollution in the air, such as VOCs.

I keep the air purifier nestled in the corner of my bedroom where it stays at the lowest fan setting. After around four to five months of having it, the PECO-filter status is still in good shape at 57%, which is great as the brand recommends switching out the filter every six months.

Overall grade:​ A-

7. Coway Airmega 250, $342.86

Who:​ Lowe, former SEO design editor

Specs:​ This filter is incredibly sleek but works to filter 99.99% of harmful matter out of rooms that are up to 930 square feet in size. It also has a real-time air quality monitor that lets you know exactly when the breathability in your space changes and a Rapid Mode feature for when you need top-notch filtration quickly. Plus, there's an easy-to-access pre-filter you can remove and hand wash whenever necessary.

Review​: To start, the Coway Airmega 250 came with the absolute easiest instructions. You pull it out of the box, open the front of the unit to take out the filter's protective cover, close everything back up, and you're good to go.

In addition to the ease of installation, this air purifier really stands out because of its sleek design. I've seen a few bulky units that take up a lot of space, but this option from Coway is far from an eyesore. It fits everywhere in my small apartment, and the colorway feels neutral and minimalist in the best way — it doesn't clash with my decor and furniture.

Apart from an easy setup and aesthetics, this air purifier seems to work within minutes. I plugged it in right after cooking broccoli and eggs (a weird food combo, I know), and the food smells went away instantaneously — usually, they linger for hours. Moreover, my boyfriend, who has the worst asthma, especially during the summer months in Los Angeles, didn't need to use his inhaler nearly as much when he came over to hang out. We think this will be especially useful for cutting down on smog when the wildfires pick up again.

Overall grade​: A+



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