How to Choose Kitchen Window Treatments for a Stunning Cook Space

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Hold up, we're about to go seriously adult on you. Ever thought about kitchen window treatments? You have now. Picking drapery is tricky in general, especially during a remodel. But cook spaces can generate more smells, moisture, and dirt than any other room in the home. And you don't want to constantly wash curtains or replace blinds. So it's important to consider the room's layout, the decor, and how often you use the space.


Additionally, balancing a practical decision while also keeping the style game high is harder than you may think. There's a reason you see a lot of bare windows in your kitchen inspiration Pinterest board.

Fear not, though. Here are seven kitchen window treatment ideas for your viewing pleasure.

1. Soften the look with Roman shades.

Roman shades are ideal for introducing softness, color, and texture into your design. You can pick patterned and bold fabric for a bright burst. Or you can go for a more tonal approach like Nesting with Grace did here to complement the wood counter and subway tile backsplash. The concertina-style allows the blind to tuck away neatly at the top of the window when not in use. And it provides full privacy when needed. On the downside, Roman shades can be harder to clean and may absorb smells, so incorporate wisely.

2. Keep it practical with a Venetian option.

Venetian blinds are a practical and discreet option for your kitchen window. You can barely tell the dark coverings in this farmhouse deVOL kitchen are even there! This affordable style is available in wood, faux wood, or metal, so it works in any space from modern to minimal. Plus, the blinds can be raised, lowered, and tilted in different ways to let in just the right amount of light.

3. Do something different with curtains.

Some people avoid curtains in the kitchen because the fabric may pick up odors and stains, but they can work if you consider the placement and material. Natural fibers, such as cotton and linen, are more breathable and won't typically hold on to the smell of your breakfast. We love how Sherry Hart hung hers at half window height, allowing for privacy but still letting in natural light. They look so sweet in conjunction with the marble island.


4. Add natural tones with woven wood blinds.

Natural woven blinds can make a gorgeous addition to a modern farmhouse kitchen. Just look at this design from Studio McGee. The bamboo grass shades from The Shade Store add warmth to the white tile walls and complement the brass hardware and forest green cabinetry.

5. Add character with solid shutters.

The tall folding shutters on the kitchen windows in this simple design were an original feature within the home. But that doesn't mean you can't recreate the look. Window treatments like these can add character and authenticity to your space. Combined with gray cabinets and a farmhouse sink, shutters will put you on your way to achieving the dream French county aesthetic.

6. Install a floor-to-ceiling option.

A large kitchen window deserves a showstopping drapery treatment. And the good news is that an open concept space can handle a little bit more fabric. A black iron rail holds the full-length curtains in this Hecker Guthrie kitchen. And the taupe material works with the dark herringbone floors to create extra drama.

7. Go for full-height shutters.

Looking for the perfect fit? Full-height shutters will keep your kitchen window looking clean and contemporary while also providing maximum privacy and insulation. The white shutters in this Humphrey Munson cook space provide contrast to the gray cabinets. They also make sure those indoor plants get plenty of light.


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