How Do I Restring the Pulley System on My Bamboo Blind?

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Fix your bamboo blinds.

Bamboo blinds are a great choice for homes these days, as they look great and are fairly easy to maintain and keep clean. Sometimes, though, things do go wrong with them. The pulley system gets used every day and may need to be repaired. There are simple steps to follow to fix this problem, though, that most anyone can do.


Removing the Blinds

You can easily use a ladder to climb up and remove your bamboo blinds from the brackets on the wall. Take your blinds, open them to their full length so you know the length of cord to use, and then place the blinds on a table so you can get to the pulley system easier.

Accessing the Pulley System

Remove the top clips on the blinds that hide any knots or string for aesthetic reasons. Now you can take the old pulley system off simply by cutting it on both sides and pulling the strings out and then restringing the blinds so they work properly.


Simple Steps to Restring

With your new string, tie one end of the string to the back, left side of your blinds and bring the string down to the bottom, along the back side, and then back up the front of the blind. At the top, you will then string through the front, left pulley over to the grip on the right-side pulley. Continue with this string and bring it through the grip and around the plastic wheel, going right to left. Bring the string down the front of the blind and up the back and tie the string off at the top. Using another string on the right side, follow the same steps as on the left side. You should end up with more string on the right, front side than the left, which is fine because that is where the pull cord goes. Put the plastic clips back on and climb back up the ladder to replace your blinds.



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