30 Farmhouse Kitchen Backsplash Ideas to Try in 2021

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It's true, farmhouse style and design ideas stem from, well, it's in the name: farmhouses. And in a country kitchen, this aesthetic — think rustic white cabinets, reclaimed wood home decor, and, of course, a farmhouse sink — works especially well.


Traditionally, the pastoral vibe makes use of cozy and welcoming features that bring to mind an old English cottage filled with natural stone, vintage decor, and ceramic or cement kitchen tile with subtle patterns. But don't worry. This doesn't mean that you need to completely remodel your cook space just to get a dash of bucolic flair.

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If you've been thinking about incorporating a new look that's perfectly rustic, read on for 30 farmhouse kitchen backsplash ideas to satisfy your craving for rural charm.

1. Use neutral colors for a modern farmhouse kitchen idea.

It's true — modern farmhouse kitchens are typically light and bright, so opt for a kitchen backsplash in a neutral shade, such as white or gray, to bring an airy quality to your space. Laura and Nora of Our Food Stories worked together on this kitchen using neutral colors as the base of their design, which keeps the space feeling open. Complete the look with a DIY wall-mounted brass rail to hang your fave utensils and pans.


2. Bring in vintage elements.

Follow the lead of Claude Monet's kitchen, captured by photographer Carley Summers, and bring a few antique elements — such as vintage wall tile and industrial lighting — into your cook space. The full-height kitchen backsplash featured in this rustic design is made up of a classic blue and white patterned tile complemented by hanging copper saucepans, which is reminiscent of farmhouses in the French countryside.


3. Choose subtle patterns.

Cement tile is quite popular in farmhouse kitchens, and thanks to the versatility of said backsplash tile, there's pretty much a look to suit everyone and every space. Subtle patterns and neutral color schemes will keep your backsplash looking classic. Take note of this kitchen design scheme by LBF Interiors.



4. Or, make a statement.

If you want to add a pop of color to your farmhouse kitchen, that's perfectly fine, too; just limit it to a smaller or enclosed space. This modern design created by deVOL Kitchens utilizes a gorgeous pink cement tile, but the remainder of the cook space stays neutral and sleek.


5. Bring in natural materials.

Chances are that natural materials such as stone tile or brick are already making an appearance in your country farmhouse, but that shouldn't deter you from adding more. Take it one step further and opt for wood countertops and a matching kitchen backsplash like this space from Sustainable Kitchens. A warmer finish will keep the look feeling modern. Just be careful not to go overboard with other decorative accents.


6. Push the boundaries.

Don't assume that farmhouse style has to equal country bumpkin. A modern farmhouse design can work, too. And there are plenty of elements that you can update while keeping in line with a more traditional aesthetic. Designer Nicole Davis kept this rustic cook space looking modern and chic with an encaustic tile kitchen backsplash, open shelving, and a huge island with a gleaming white countertop.



7. Alternatively, don’t be afraid to keep it simple.

If your cabinets are the standout star of your kitchen, going the simple route with a backsplash is not a cop-out — it's a smart design move, as Interior Impressions proves. We love how the beautifully marbled countertop brings out the white of the backsplash and the slate of the cabinets, bridging the two very important elements.


8. Get glossy with it.

Amongst the many decisions that come along with choosing a tile backsplash idea, don't forget how important the finish is. Here, Marie Flanigan Interiors makes a case for high gloss with this coastal-colored tile. It's utterly perfect when paired with that farmhouse sink, the dreamy window shade, the noble glimpses of gold and ... need we go on?


9. Think vertically.

Vertical kitchen shiplap, along with that sexy black marble backsplash, add height to this dreamy Heidi Caillier cook space. Shiplap can complement any kitchen style — one reason why it's so timeless — but it particularly brings a hominess to farmhouse-style areas.


10. Go for a seamless style.

An ultra elegant seamless marble may seem more modern than farmhouse, until it's used in a small nook and paired with down-to-earth finishes, like wooden open shelves and vintage (or at least vintage ​looking​) accessories. In this kitchen, Jamie King of JLK Interiors bridges the gap between modern and farmhouse, and we are so here for it.

11. When in doubt, bring on the white-on-white-on-white.

Shawna Percival of Styleberry Creative employed everyone's favorite — white subway tile — and paired it with white cabinetry for a classic, era-less kitchen that's beautiful now and will look just as fresh 15 years from now. If you're looking to transform a dark, dreary kitchen into a bright and airy space, here's your inspiration.

12. Take hints from Italian farmhouses.

If anything reminds us of an Italian kitchen, it's an automatic "sì, per favore." Case in point: the rust-colored patterned backsplash that Marie Flanigan Interiors perfectly employed in this sophisticated kitchen. And can we talk about the wood-trimmed glass cabinets flanking the hood? So unexpected.


13. Go long.

Just ​look​ at this long, luxurious wall of white subway tile by Vertical Arts Architecture, which melds farmhouse (hello, copper saucepans, we see you!) with modern (those fresh light fixtures) and the Parisian cafe vibes emanating from those bar stools. The open two-way shelving helps to create an open, airy feeling.

14. Incorporate color into your farmhouse backsplash tile idea.

Think farmhouse, and your mind might veer towards soft neutrals, but that's not always the case. Here, deVOL Kitchens proves color (hello, variegated green backsplash!) can fit right in with a bucolic kitchen vibe, especially when paired with a farmhouse sink and copper pans, two hallmarks of the farmhouse style.

15. Play with scale.

Interior stylist Leah Ashley knows her way around designing a home, and Exhibit A is her own kitchen. One takeaway: We love how the tiny tiles of her farmhouse backsplash are juxtaposed with the wide planks on the walls. The scale is daring, and it works, especially since other elements are more traditional. And we'd be remiss not to call out the vintage artwork — a must in a farmhouse cook space.

16. Make pattern feel subtle.

This gorgeous herringbone backsplash makes a statement but doesn't make you dizzy. That's because — take note of this — the colors used, various brown-ish, blue-ish, marbled neutrals are all in the same color family. They're similar, but just different enough, to make for an impactful farmhouse backsplash. Good work, Curated Nest Interiors.

17. Go with less backsplash for more storage.

If storage is a high priority for you (isn't it for everyone?) sometimes you have to make the tough decision to cut back on a backsplash to amp up your cabinet space. Here, designer Will Wick chose a sleek white subway tile to break up the barely-there space between the lower kitchen cabinets and the glass-fronted uppers and open shelves.

18. Take it all the way to the ceiling.

Who's to say that tomato sauce on the stove won't splash high above your head? Instead of stopping halfway up the wall with your farmhouse backsplash, or only placing it behind the stove, designer Jessica McCarthy is inspiring us to cover the entire kitchen with subway tiles, from countertop to ceiling. The open shelves visually break up the tile, while still highlighting its beauty.

19. Don’t be afraid to mix and match backsplashes.

Thank you Michelle Lisac Interior Design for giving us the inspiration (and courage) to try mixing and matching backsplashes. Here she used a large white subway tile behind the main sink and a tight chevron pattern behind the stove. The trick? Experiment with scale, and place the bolder of the two in the smaller area.

20. Got texture? Embrace it.

That's it, we're moving to the French countryside thanks to this inspo from deVOL Kitchens. This cook space feels like it's a couple of hundred years old in the best way by embracing and enhancing the textured walls and low ceilings through sleek and minimal cabinetry, which allow the walls and beams to steal the show.

21. Highlight a brick backsplash.

We've already talked up the charm of brick walls in a farmhouse kitchen, and this space by Marie Flanigan Interiors perfectly exemplifies how to accessorize your special textured walls: a gauzy curtain, a "is it old or is it new?" rug, and rustic open shelves. Just be sure to review how to properly drill a nail into a brick wall first.

22. Freehand it.

Leave it to design legend Leanne Ford to create a farmhouse kitchen ripped straight from our dreams. This perfectly imperfect backsplash is so simple: 10 stones, clearly handcrafted and put in place without too much concern about lining up just right. Sometimes that's all you need. And give us a ​break​ with that blush-colored oven!

23. Reimagine a traditional brick backsplash.

We've waxed poetic about rough, unfinished brick walls and how they enhance a farmhouse style kitchen, but if you're looking to modernize the traditional material, here's your inspiration. Behind your stove, lay the brick in a modern chevron pattern as a subtle update to the old school material, like Caroline Brackett Studio of Design did here.

24. Embrace horizontal shiplap.

There's a reason everyone loves shiplap so much: It creates a streamlined, simple farmhouse look, as evidenced by Liz Marie's kitchen. Add in whitewashed wood beams and a white ceramic farmhouse sink, and you have yourself a bucolic-looking kitchen, even if you're smack in the middle of a city.

25. Just paint your brick.

So maybe you don't like brick's natural color. That's fine! Or maybe yours has already been painted over, and there's no going back. Also fine. We love how this kitchen designed by House of Jade Interiors allows the painted brick's texture to add some serious dimension to the backsplash though. It's white but still interesting.

26. Make everything subtle.

Take notes on all the tricks Studio McGee employed to make this kitchen have a modern farmhouse feel. A wood countertop? Noted. A utensil rail above the sink to hold copper pans? Check. Vintage-inspired trinkets? Of course. And, last but absolutely not least, that countertop-to-ceiling backsplash adds a touch of subtle texture to it all.

27. Nix the traditional backsplash.

Backsplash? What backsplash? Since the stove in this kitchen lives in the island, these homeowners decided against a traditional backsplash, opting for a couple-inch lip of the countertop to extend up the wall instead. It's genius and still perfectly farmhouse.

28. Play with shape.

Here's your friendly reminder that tiles come in all shapes and sizes, and you don't ​have​ to choose rectangular. This square tile backsplash is so unexpected and eye-catching that you don't need much else in terms of decor. An oh-so-farmhouse copper teapot could seal the deal, though.

29. Combine farmhouse and industrial.

This backsplash is giving us daydreams of cooking paella in a Spanish farmhouse. Just us? We love the juxtaposition of the boldly patterned tile sandwiched between an industrial stove and hood. But what feels truly farmhouse here is the abundance of cooking essentials — knives, spoons, and spices — all within arm's reach. Combine both industrial and farmhouse to get a similar look.

30. Let textured backsplashes be your best friend.

Wood beams? Check. Bucolic artwork? Check. A stunner of a whole-wall backsplash with a marbled appearance that adds dimension and texture while creating a focal wall? Incredible. Well done, House of Jade Interiors.

Get the look:

Want your own farmhouse kitchen backsplash? Shop these brands with a range of tile options to choose from.

Fireclay Tile

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Exfloorit's huge range of farmhouse tile is the perfect place to start when tackling your kitchen backsplash. Shop here for subtle color palettes, unique wood and metal features, along with sturdy, practical design elements.

Atlas Ceramics

Atlas Ceramics has a variety of tile suited to a farmhouse backsplash, from subtle patterns to natural styles.

The Winchester Tile Company

UK-based Winchester Tile Company is the country's leading producer of handcrafted tile, which is ideal is you're looking for an authentic English country look.



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