These 14 Pennsylvania Homes Each Offer Something Unique

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Nestled in one of America's most historic states (written history dating back to 1682, ahem), these 14 homes are a modern representation of what the Founding Fathers only could have imagined. Each house or apartment on this list builds upon architecture that only exists in the type of place where its capital city produced such legends as Betsy Ross, and, oh, a little something called the Declaration of Independence. And the direction each homeowner has decided to go with their decor is as creative and eclectic as Pennsylvania itself. Go figure.


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1. Psychedelic Grandma Vibes

TAKE THE TOUR: Find out what makes this historic 1880s Victorian home's "psychedelic grandma" decor style work so well.


2. From Whiskey Factory to Fab Hotel

TAKE THE TOUR: Through a former 19th-century whiskey factory in Philadelphia's Fishtown neighborhood that became the coolest place to spend the night (and grab a nightcap).


3. Midcentury Cool

TAKE THE TOUR: This minimal Pittsburgh home is a master class in how to use light, organic materials.


4. Modern Industrial Lofts in Philly

TAKE THE TOUR: Once a 71,000-square-foot eyesore, this old flat iron-shaped building has transformed from an abandoned industrial warehouse into modern mixed-use lofts.


5. Industrial-Chic Boutique Philly Hotel

TAKE THE TOUR: See Philly like a true local in this industrial-chic, boutique hotel where its six apartment-like rooms are each named after a different city native.


6. Modern Farmhouse With a Twist

TAKE THE TOUR: You really gotta see the (literal) design twist on this otherwise perfectly charming farmhouse from the inside.


7. Jungalow Minimalism

TAKE THE TOUR: Through a jungalow-meets-boho-meets-minimalist sunny, bi-level Bella Vista apartment where (more than 60) houseplants are living their best lives.


8. From '80s to Perfectly Rustic Farmhouse

TAKE THE TOUR: Because the client had fond memories of the modern 1981 Pittsburgh suburban house that she grew up in, the design team left the architecture unchanged and somehow still managed to create earthy farmhouse gold.

9. Dated '70s Townhouse Gets an Upgrade

TAKE THE TOUR: The custom oak mirror in this perfect entryway was made by the owners, specifically their small-batch furniture and homewares company, Leeward.

10. Eclectic Midcentury in South Philly

TAKE THE TOUR: Everything in this south Philly apartment is built slightly skewed and that's exactly how the designer, illustrator, and mural artist owner likes it.

11. One Small Space Does it All

TAKE THE TOUR: When you share just 450 square feet with your partner in life and art, you have to keep things simple.

12. Casual-Cool Loft

TAKE THE TOUR: From its industrial ceilings to polished concrete floors, nearly every square inch in this space is a visual feast that maintains a casual, thrown-together air.

13. Farmhouse Fantasy

TAKE THE TOUR: Check out the before and after of this 1880s row house and see it go from disaster to farmhouse fantasy.

14. 50 Shades of Pink

TAKE THE TOUR: This epic before and after features a handmade swing in the attic and cozy pink seating area perfect for curling up on a rainy day (plus way more pink inspo).