These 14 Pennsylvania Homes Each Offer Something Unique

psychedelic grandma apartment with ornate fireplace and mustard yellow velvet couch
credit: Brenden Lowry

Nestled in one of America's most historic states (written history dating back to 1682, ahem), these 14 homes are a modern representation of what the Founding Fathers only could have imagined. Each house or apartment on this list builds upon architecture that only exists in the type of place where its capital city produced such legends as Betsy Ross, and, oh, a little something called the Declaration of Independence. And the direction each homeowner has decided to go with their decor is as creative and eclectic as Pennsylvania itself. Go figure.

1. Psychedelic Grandma Vibes

eclectic seating area with grandma style chair and mosaic picture wall
credit: Brenden Lowry

2. From Whiskey Factory to Fab Hotel

3. Midcentury Cool

4. Modern Industrial Lofts in Philly

5. Industrial-Chic Boutique Philly Hotel

industrial chic bathroom with claw foot tub black-and-white subway tile
credit: Lokal

6. Modern Farmhouse With a Twist

7. Jungalow Minimalism

8. From '80s to Perfectly Rustic Farmhouse

9. Dated '70s Townhouse Gets an Upgrade

10. Eclectic Midcentury in South Philly

11. One Small Space Does it All

12. Casual-Cool Loft

13. Farmhouse Fantasy

14. 50 Shades of Pink

Lauren McQuade

Lauren McQuade

Lauren McQuade is a writer, editor based in Los Angeles.