10 Cool Architecture-Inspired Pieces

bzippy vases
credit: BZippy

I once knew someone who said she "didn't like buildings." There's a lot to unpack there, but, ahem, in defense of buildings everywhere: You are cool. Even the ugly ones (no offense) owe something to a long history of architecture. The following creators are clearly on Team Buildings Are Cool, because they're making items inspired by architects and architectural movements. Check out these items:

Erin Althea Concrete and Resin Bookends, $95
credit: Etsy

L.A.-based sculptor Erin Althea's concrete bookend set is inspired by materials (concrete, hello) and forms associated with Brutalism.

Minna Steps Mat, $180
credit: Minna

Minna uses the work of Mexican architect Luis Barragán (famed for his use of blocks of bright color) to create this textured mat, perfect for the kitchen or bath.

Here's a wall mural named after the German city often associated with the Bauhaus style.

Melanie Abrantes Bauhaus Coaster and Trivet, $33
credit: Need Supply

Use this brass, Bauhaus-inspired piece as a coaster or trivet.

Yield Frank Lloyd Wright Candle, $38
credit: Yield

This candle (also available as incense) aims to embody the essence of architect Frank Lloyd Wright's Arizona home with a mix of desert rose, amber, and sand.

xNasozi Studio Le Courb Pillow Cover, $130
credit: Xnasozi

As the name of this mud cloth pillow cover implies, the design was inspired by the works of French-Swiss architect Le Corbusier.

Recreation Center Bauhaus Tumbler, $45
credit: Mociun

This speckled ceramic mug plays on Bauhaus-y motifs.

Adler's bowl definitely brings those Brutalist vibes — and although the design may be harsh, when paired with the right textures and colors, a piece like this would make quite the statement.

Mathias Schifferdecker Cube Lamp, $950
credit: Moma

You can rearrange the colorful cubes on this pricey Bauhaus-inspired lamp any which way you please.

BZippy circle vases
credit: BZippy

L.A.-based artist Bari Ziperstein's vases take inspiration from Brutalist architecture.

Leonora Epstein

Leonora Epstein

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