Areaware Is a One-Stop Shop for Some Pretty Rad Gift Ideas

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Mother's Day, Father's Day, graduation ... the list of celebrations and special events that mark the end of spring and beginning of summer are seemingly endless — especially when it comes to buying a gift for every momentous occasion. As convenient as online shopping has become, we're always looking for ways to make it a little faster so we have time for more important things (like binge-watching shows on Netflix). Enter: Areaware. This small Brooklyn- and Columbus-based brand works with a roster of independent designers to produce one-of-a-kind items that would also make pretty rad gifts.


Scroll on for 13 original finds that you won't get anywhere else.

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1. Bryce Wilner Gradient Puzzle, $25

Now this ombre-inspired puzzle from Areaware made the 2018 list of Oprah's Favorite Things ... do we really need to say more?

2. Susan Kare Bitmap Textiles, starting at $10

Graphic designer and artist Susan Kare — who created fonts, icons, and visual elements for Apple Macintosh in the '80s — designed this eye-catching set of textiles. Yep, she's a pretty big deal! But so is this pixel-inspired collection that includes: napkins, placemats, tea towels, and coasters.


3. Bower Table Tiles in Concrete (set of six), $35

You know that you are truly adulting when you start using coasters. But don't worry. This doesn't mean that you've become your parents — at least not yet. Besides, houseguests will be clamoring at the chance to rest their beverage on one of these hexagonal-shaped, concrete tiles.



4. Harry Allen Candy Dish, $120

This unique candy dish — made from repurposed candy no less — can obviously be used to keep your favorite sweet treat right at your fingertips. Or, and perhaps even better, you can use it to recreate a scene from your all-time fave movie Star Wars. And who doesn't love a piece of decor that can pull double duty?


5. Karl Zahn Contour Key Ring, $16

The folks at Areaware must know that we all have at least one friend or family member who always loses their keys ... until now that is. Thanks to this chic brass key ring that can be easily fastened to just about anything.


6. Runa Klock Drink Rocks, $35

Made from natural stone, these geometric-shaped drink rocks are the perfect companion for your evening nightcap. Once chilled in the freezer, just pop one in your glass for a cool and refreshing aperitif that won't get watered down by those pesky ice cubes. You'll never look at happy hour the same.



7. David Weeks Cubebot in Natural, starting at $9

It's hard to imagine anything grabbing the attention of kids these days unless it comes on a screen. But this flexible wooden robot isn't your everyday toy, and it might just give that iPad a run for its money.


8. Grain Totem Candles, starting at $12

When you have a thing for candles, you can't just settle for something basic. So live your best life and feed your obsession with these totem-shaped candles made from unscented paraffin wax. Captivate dinner guests by mixing and matching the different colors and sizes down the center of your dining table to create an unforgettable DIY runner.


9. Object and Totem Bracelet Flask, $35

Talk about a must-have accessory for festival season. Whether you need an emergency sip of electrolyte-infused water (or something with a little extra kick) this stylish bracelet flask has got your back while you dance the night away in the hot desert.



10. Earnest Studio and Phil Proctor Eraser Pencil Stand, $6

We know what you're thinking, "does anyone even use pencils anymore?" Well, we think the timeless writing utensil is due for a comeback. And whether in the boardroom, the classroom, or your personal home office, these fun, little dome-shaped erasers/pencil stands provide the perfect excuse to start putting pencil to paper again.

11. Pete Oyler Plant Pedestals (set of two), $50

This pair of beechwood pedestals is the perfect way for plant lovers and newbies alike to add height and dimension to their collection of verdant foliage.

12. Chen Chen and Kai Williams Citrus (set of two), $35

If the bottom of these porcelain bowls looks a little familiar to you, don't worry. You're not going crazy. They're actually cast from grapefruits. Yep ... the same round, super-sour fruit that many diet plans encourage you to eat. And just like every piece of produce looks different, every bowl will look different, too.

13. Hervé Tullet's Blocks (set of 12), $50

You don't have to be a toddler in order to enjoy this colorful set of wooden blocks. Both the young and the young artistes at heart can appreciate these 12 cubes, designed by French artist and children's book author Hervé Tullet.



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