What 2 Hunker Editors Bought at Target With $50

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Welcome to $50 Challenge, where we arm two intrepid shoppers with $50 each and send them out to one of our favorite retailers.

Target is where our paychecks go to die. Seriously, it's like a decor danger zone in there. But sometimes, we like to challenge ourselves to really stick to a budget. So we sent two Hunker editors over to our local Target and armed them both with $50 to see what fabulous treasures they could dig up — without completely breaking the bank. (P.S., we also like to play out these challenges in real time on our Instagram from time to time, so give us a follow!)


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Contestant #1: Leo, Hunker's Senior Director of Content

When I go to Target, I'm usually looking for cute accessories and home upgrades that look more expensive than they actually are. The problem is, Target usually has a lot of that. And then I buy many things. So it doesn't quite work out.

Leo's picks:

1. Hearth & Hand Wood Bud Vase, $14.99

OMG, we love Chip and Joanna's Target stuff. I was kind of confused when I first saw this wood vase — was it a candle holder? But nope, it's got a handy glass test tube that transforms it into a chic bud vase. It really has a very chill Scandinavian vibe.

2. Hearth & Hand Striped Napkins (pack of four), $9.99

Not to make this into the Chip and Joanna show (because they already have their own, obvi), but the Hearth & Hand collection is just so well designed. This pack of cloth napkins feels WAY more high-end ... like they could almost come from a certain bedding start-up.

3. Lava Lamp, $9.89


I mean, you give me $50 and set me loose in a Target, I'm going to come back with at least one thing I have absolutely ZERO use for. I saw this lava lamp and so many '90s memories rushed back — specifically those of begging my mom for one of these from the Delia's catalog ... and never getting one. Well, LOOK AT ME NOW, MA!

4. Krosno Silver Ombre Tumbler, (two), $4.99 each

You could spend a few hours scouring Etsy for the perfect vintage glassware, or you could just pick up a bunch of these silver ombre tumblers which feel super midcentury. Serve many alcohols in them!

Leo's Tally

Wood bud vase, napkin set with four napkins, lava lamp, two cocktail glasses: $44.85

Contestant #2: Laurie, Hunker's Editorial Director

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I was put to the test with this challenge because when I go to Target, even if my intention is to just get one or two things, I usually end up spending around $300. It's just this weird thing that happens. What is that?

Laurie's picks:

1. Opalhouse Textured Vase, $7.99


Being that I'm currently renovating my home, I've got decorating on my mind. This cute little stoneware vase would be a perfect object to style on my living room coffee table or bookshelf. It's sweet, and it's a total steal.

2. Hearth & Hand Glass Belly Vase with Hand-Folded Rim, $19.99

I've been looking for a vase like this. It's mission: To sit pretty on my kitchen island with big, tall branches of eucalyptus leaves artfully arranged in it. Or maybe a giant monstera leaf for a more tropical feel. (Looks like someone likes vases.)

3. Project 62 Round Woven Basket, $19.99

Oooh, I feel like the big winner with this one. I'm picturing this in my aforementioned living room holding extra blankets and cute pillows. Or, maybe it could be the perfect boho-modern holder for that fiddle-leaf fig tree I've always wanted. (Yes, I know, I still need to use a regular pot for the plant.) Either way, this baby is going on display, and not necessarily in the corner.

Laurie's Tally

Stoneware vase, glass vase, woven basket: $47.97