We Bet You Won't Guess KitchenAid's First Annual Color of the Year

credit: KitchenAid

If you've never owned a brightly colored KitchenAid appliance, speak for yourself. Amid the drab sea of countertop appliances, KitchenAid products offer a touch of fun that's tough to pass up. So it may come as no surprise that starting in 2018, they're going to be revealing an annual Color of the Year, Pantone-style.

So what's this year's pick? Drumroll, please!

Bird of Paradise — a vibrant coral shade.

bird of paradise
credit: KitchenAid

The pick was inspired by a tropical escape and embodies the spirit of exploration. It's meant to inspire you to take on any culinary adventure. (Just don't burn down the kitchen — kk?)

If you're all about having a matching kitchen, there are six Bird of Paradise products coming out — two stand mixers and a blender launch in April, while a mini-processor, a hand blender, and a hand mixer hit shelves in July.