How to Darken Teak Oil

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Things You'll Need

  • 12-ounce squeeze bottle

  • Funnel

  • Tung oil

  • Linseed oil


Apply the darkened teak oil onto a small section of the teak wood. This enables you to see if the color is as dark as you had envisioned before applying the oil over the entire surface of the wood.


Keep Tung and linseed oil out of the reach of children.

Make your own dark teak oil using different oils.
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Teak wood is treasured for its rich coloration and warm appearance. To keep teak wood looking its best, it is important to apply teak oil, which is a mixture of oils that help to keep the wood hydrated and colorful. If you prefer to darken your teak wood furniture or home accent, you can make your own customized teak oil using a couple of specific oils that can be combined to darken and treat teak wood properly.


Step 1

Take the top off of a 12-ounce plastic squeeze bottle. Insert a funnel into the bottle.

Step 2

Pour 6 ounces of Tung oil into the bottle through the funnel. Tung oil is a traditional oil used to polish and treat teak wood, but it does not darken or alter the color of the wood.

Step 3

Pour up to 6 ounces of linseed oil into the bottle through the funnel. Linseed oil will darken the teak wood. Add the linseed oil 1 ounce at a time until you reach the desired darkness of the teak oil.


Step 4

Remove the funnel and screw the top back onto the squeeze bottle.

Step 5

Shake the bottle vigorously for a couple of minutes to combine the two oils completely before use.



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