How to Put on a Duvet Cover

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A duvet seems like such a great idea: a fluffy, lightweight comforter that has a removable cover that you can wash, and indeed use, just like a sheet. But this clever system seems to break down when it's time to put the newly washed cover back onto the floppy, uncooperative blanket. For many, this is strictly a job for two people, if not more. But that's about to change.

Just as the practical idea of the duvet has conquered the world, so will a magical technique for putting on a duvet cover. Actually, there are two easy techniques, both of which can be done by one person. Try each of them, pick your favorite, and you'll never again avoid washing your duvet cover just because you dread the humiliating reassembly process. Now, isn't that a comforting thought?


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You'll never stuff a duvet again.
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How to Put on a Duvet Cover Using the Roll Method

The roll method is a bit of a magic trick. You may even have a hard time understanding how it works. But it works great, and it's ideal for large duvets that you have to cover by yourself. In fact, it's just as easy with one person as with two.


  1. Turn the duvet cover inside-out and spread it out fully on the bed so the closed end is facing you.
  2. Lay the duvet on top of the cover and align all of its edges with the cover's.
  3. Roll up the duvet and cover together, starting at the closed end and working all the way to the open end of the cover. You can also make short folds instead of rolling, if that's easier.
  4. Open up the cover slightly and turn it inside-out (which will make it right-side-out) so that it envelopes the duvet-and-cover roll. This takes a bit a tucking and straightening. You're maintaining the roll shape, but when you're done, the cover will be right-side-out and completely surrounding the roll.
  5. Button or zip the open end of the cover closed.
  6. Unroll the roll. This needs no more explanation; you'll see when you try it, and you can't get it wrong.
  7. Give the duvet a final straightening and perhaps a shake or two to even out the cover.


Straighten the ends of the duvet and cover after unrolling.
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How to Put on a Duvet Cover Using the Shake ‘n Bake Method

Actually, this method probably has never been called "Shake 'n Bake"—until now. You can call it whatever you like. This technique may be slightly faster than the roll method, especially with smaller duvets, like twins or doubles. It works with one person but is easier with two, particularly with larger duvets.



  1. Spread out the duvet fully on your bed.
  2. Turn the duvet cover inside-out.
  3. Reach all the way inside the cover and pinch the two corners at the closed end in your hands, so that you have one corner in each hand.
  4. Use each of your hands to grab the two corners at one end of the duvet. You're grabbing the duvet through the cover, as though you're wearing mittens.
  5. Shake the cover and duvet, using the same motion you would use to whip a sheet over a bed. As you shake, the cover will naturally unfurl over the duvet.
  6. Stop shaking when the cover is fully right-side-out.
  7. Align the duvet with the open end of the cover, and button or zip the cover closed.


A good shake helps even out the duvet's filling.
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Since most duvets need regular shaking to redistribute the filler material, you can kill two birds with one stone by grabbing the fatter end of the duvet before shaking on the cover.



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