How to Stop a Couch From Sliding on a Wood Floor

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Things You'll Need

  • Foam rubber pads

  • Double-sided heavy duty tape

  • Scissors

  • Stay Furniture Grippers


Be careful when moving heavy objects such as a couch.

Wooden legs on furniture can slide on polished hardwood, tile or laminate floors. Sliding furniture can be hazardous, as a couch can move out from underneath a person who is sitting or adjusting their position. Slipping or sliding furniture can also damage and scratch the floor. A rubber grip under the legs will help keep the furniture safely and securely in place.

Rubber Pads

Step 1

Cut the rubber pad in circles or squares that are at least one quarter inch larger than the legs of your couch. Cut small squares from the double-sided tape which are smaller than the legs of your couch.

Step 2

Remove the backing on one side of the double-sided tape and affix it to the bottom of the leg of your couch. Repeat for each leg. Do not lower the couch to the floor.

Step 3

Remove the backing from the other side of each piece of tape and affix a rubber pad to each leg.

Stay Furniture Grippers

Step 1

Resize your Stay Furniture Grippers by cutting them to a size that will fit under the legs of your couch, slightly extending beyond the leg by at least one quarter inch.

Step 2

Raise each side of your couch and slip a Furniture Gripper under each leg, making sure the leg is centered on the Furniture Gripper.

Step 3

Sit or apply slight pressure on each leg to secure the couch on the Furniture Gripper.

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