Simplicity 4 in 1 Crib Instructions

Assembling a baby bed can be stressful. It has many pieces to be joined together and you want the bed to be perfect. The Simplicity 4 in 1 crib is a bed that can be converted as your child enters new phases of her life.

Strategies for Assembling

Before you begin assembling the bed, read the instructions. The Simplicity 4 in 1 comes with a 16-page instruction book that has clearly labeled diagrams. Failure to read the instructions first can result in hours of redoing work that you did out of order. Consider reading the instructions the day before you plan to assemble the bed. Take the parts bag out of the box and compare the parts with the parts list diagram on page 5 of the instructions. The bolts are shown actual size. Hold the bolts up to the diagram to be certain you have the correct bolts before you begin. Count the bolts as well. If you are short any parts you want to know this before beginning work. Allow yourself enough time to put the bed together. Assembling the bed should be done in one afternoon. Do not make other plans for this time. Putting tight restrictions on your time will add stress to the task. Begin on page 6 of the instructions with the mattress support assembly. The instructions tell you exactly which parts will be needed. Gather these parts and move them away from other parts. This will help you be organized as you work. Double-check your list as you gather your parts. Continue to the crib assembly and operation. Once you have this step completed, be certain the bed operates as it is supposed to. The railing on this model is a drop side railing. When you assemble the rail correctly there will be a distinct click at both ends of the rail when it is raised and securely in place. Failure to install this rail properly could cause harm to your child. Some parts that come in the package will be needed later for the transitional beds. Gather these parts and place them on the top shelf of the closet in your child's room. This will keep them close by for easy location when the time comes to convert the bed. If you find a problem with the bed parts or have questions, Simplicity 4 in 1 provides a toll-free phone number on page 16 of its instructions. You will need to have your model number and manufacturer's code when you call. These numbers are on the headboard and on an envelope that comes attached to the mattress support tube.