How to Build a Secret Storage Spot in a Closet

A secret storage spot in a closet is an ideal place to hide valuables or other items that you would like to keep to yourself. You can build a secret storage spot at one end of your clothes hanging pole, and no one will know that it is there. This process is moderately easy, and should take under an hour to do.

Hide your valuables behind the end of a closet clothes pole.

Step 1

Remove any clothes and hangers on your closet clothes pole.

Step 2

Remove the clothes pole from one clothes pole bracket, and unscrew that bracket from the wall using a screw driver.

Step 3

Use a handheld router with a 3-inch template and bit to cut out a circle in the wall where the pole bracket was, if there is not already a space.

Step 4

Push the plastic drinking cup into the wall so that the lip of the cup is flush to the wall.

Step 5

Place your valuables in the cup. Screw the clothes pole bracket back on the wall with the screw driver, and replace the clothes pole and clothes.