How to Make a Sofa Riser

If you've got a sofa that's a bit too low for your liking, you may think it's time for a trip to the furniture store. But there's a lot cheaper way to get a seat at the level you want. With a minimal amount of skill and some simple tools, you can build risers that will raise your sofa to a height you find more comfortable.

Build your own sofa risers.

Step 1

Cut four 4-inch-long pieces of 2-by-4 lumber. Sand the edges of the blocks until they're smooth.

Step 2

Cut four 4-by-4-inch squares from a rubber bathmat with a pair of scissors. Glue one of these to each of the blocks.

Step 3

Center a rubber furniture caster on each block, on the side opposite the bathmat squares. Screw the casters into the blocks with 1-inch wood screws.

Step 4

Lift your couch and slip a riser under each of the couch's legs, with the caster side on the floor.