This Seasonal Gourmet Cheese Is Officially Back at Trader Joe's

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The cheese selection at Trader Joe's has always been on point, especially when it comes to seasonal varieties. That being said, the retailer recently brought back its Irish Porter cheddar cheese, just in time for St. Patrick's Day.


If you're unfamiliar with Porter, it's a style of dark beer. According to Masterclass, it was created in the 1700s in London, England, and it's made with malted barley. Porter has a rich flavor that's said to have notes of dark chocolate, caramel, or coffee.

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As the name suggests, Irish Porter cheddar cheese contains Irish Porter, which gives the product a marbled pattern. And while some Instagram users find the appearance to be a bit off-putting, the combination of creamy cheese and chocolatey porter is apparently delicious.

According to one shopper, it's a "mild cheddar cheese with a hoppy taste." The variety of cheese is also described as earthy and somewhat tangy, so it's bound to pair well with other classic St. Patrick's Day dishes.

The Irish Porter cheddar cheese at Trader Joe's costs $11.99 per pound, with most blocks landing in the $3 to $6 range. You can find it in the refrigerated section.


Ways to eat Irish Porter cheddar cheese:

Here are some tasty ideas for serving the Trader Joe's cheese:

  • On burgers
  • In mac and cheese
  • As part of a seasonal charcuterie board
  • With crackers and deli meat
  • In cold or warm salads
  • On top of hearty casseroles
  • In a fondue


And of course, you can't go wrong with a seasonal grazing board full of sliced vegetables, corned beef brisket, potato chips, and Irish soda bread.

Other new Trader Joe's items:

Trader Joe's recently added mini raspberry mousse cakes to its shelves. The bite-sized treats, which consist of a sponge cake and raspberry mousse frosting, would be perfect for spring gatherings.



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