This Festive Aldi Treat Is a Delicious Trader Joe's Dupe

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We love a good food dupe, especially when it involves seasonal ingredients and discontinued items. Need an example? Aldi is currently offering candy cane chocolate covered almonds — and it looks deliciously similar to a Trader Joe's version that was sold a few years ago.


On Instagram, user @aldi.mademedoit shared a photo of the treat. The packaging describes the item as "roasted almonds covered in dark and white chocolate with crushed candy cane." You can clearly see the specks of red candy in the mouthwatering chocolate covering.

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Aldi shoppers were quick to notice the similarities to the Trader Joe's product. "If these are anything like the Trader Joe's ones I need them," said one person.

For context, the Trader Joe's version was shared by user @traderjoesaficionado on Instagram back in November 2020. According to the item's packaging, it consists of "roasted almonds dipped in dark chocolate, then enrobed in white chocolate and covered in candy cane bits."


But how does the Aldi product compare? "They taste just like the Trader Joe's ones!" said one person on @aldi.mademedoit's Instagram post. Other users chimed in, sharing their love for the treat.

Each bag contains eight ounces of minty, crunchy goodness. The Aldi website states that you can view the price in store, so check out the brand's store directory to find your nearest location.


Other seasonal items at Aldi:

Aside from offering Thanksgiving items at 2019 prices, Aldi is currently selling so many goodies for the 2022 holiday season.

According to the retailer's official Instagram account, Aldi has stocked unique items like turkey stuffing-flavored potato chips, Hawaiian stuffing mix, bourbon sweet potato ravioli, and turkey cranberry ravioli. There are also plant-based turkey breast options, which are perfect for vegan Thanksgiving meals.


In the advent calendar department, Aldi has pulled out all the stops. In addition to the classic cheese version, the store is offering advent calendars with candles, hot sauce, and even Disney storybooks.



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