Trader Joe’s Has a New Decadent, Creamy, Bite-Size Dessert

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If you love a good frosted cookie but can never find one with an ideal frosting-to-cake ratio, Trader Joe's has the perfect bite-size treat for you.


The retailer recently introduced raspberry mousse cakes, according to @traderjoeslist on Instagram. In addition to a spongy cake interior, they feature a raspberry mousse frosting covered in a pink confectionary coating with a tiny sugary leaf.

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The petite treats would be a massive hit at either a bridal or baby shower, though you may need to buy several boxes because they are extremely easy to eat quickly. They also wouldn't be out of place with afternoon tea — the cakes almost look too beautiful to eat.

One commenter on the post even mentioned that these taste especially delicious if they are stored in a freezer before eating them. The cakes can be found at your local Trader Joe's for $3.99 for a box of six — a sweet deal, indeed.



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