You Might Find Inspo in These Personal Self-Care Tips

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Being Home With Hunker is a podcast where each week we chat with designers, artists, and creatives in the spaces that express and shape their identities: their homes.

So, I have a question for you: how to you express self-care at home?


For me, it's my daily morning practice of meditation, reading, journaling, and coffee (of course) before I do anything else with my day.

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In the conversations I've had on the Being Home With Hunker podcast, many guests have shared ways that they practice self-care when at home. It's so personal to each of us — and in the scheme of things it really doesn't matter how anyone else does it. Still, I think there's inspiration to be found in hearing about other people's rituals, habits, and routines that make them feel like they are tuning in with what helps them to be their best selves.

Take a listen to the episode … and take care of yourself.

Interior Designer Serena Dugan


Interior Designer Rachel Moriarty

Plant Kween Christopher Griffin


Author Jen Pastiloff

Therapist and Author Lori Gottlieb


Author and Pulling the Thread Podcast Host Elise Loehnen

Professional Organizer Jen Robin


Jill Wintersteen, Spirit Daughter



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