4 Home Design Trends That Probably Won't Continue in 2023

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Bryan O’Sullivan Studio, Helen Cathcart

With the last month of the year just days away, it's the perfect time to look ahead to the new year and start planning your home renovation projects. Before you get too deep into your plans, it's wise to check in on what the design pros are predicting will be the hot trends of 2023, as well as what trends will be cooling off.


The venerable interior design marketplace 1stDibs has already done some of this heavy-lifting for us, having just released its sixth annual Interior Designer Trends Survey looking ahead to 2023. After polling an impressive sample size of 880 interior designers from around the world, 1stDibs has culled a list of what will be fab and what will skew drab in the world of interiors come January.

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Some of the trends on the up-and-up include the continued popularity of greens, attention to craftsmanship, and designers' ever-growing focus on sustainability, but what are the major don'ts that 1stDibs is warning us about?

1. Gray and white are on the way out.

Michael Del Piero Good Design, Trevor Tondro

1stDibs found that while gray has been a popular choice for walls, flooring, furniture, and other places in the home for a while, this won't be the case next year. When asked about the most on-trend hues for 2023, light gray received the fewest votes from the designers surveyed, coming in at just 5%. Meanwhile, of all the colors, white received the most dramatic decline in popularity as compared to last year, dropping from 24% to 14%.


2. Animal prints will give way to large-scale patterns.

Right Meets Left Interior Design, Courtney McLeod, Alexandra Rowley

When 1stDibs asked the interior designers about popular patterns, animal prints fell to the bottom of the list, garnering just 4% of the votes. Instead, designers predict large-scale patterns will be particularly in vogue, followed by organic prints and florals.


3. Gold accents are a no-go.

Robert Stephan Interior, Daniel Schäfer

When it came to the accent tones and finishes section of the survey, the interior designers predicted that gold and rose gold should be avoided in 2023. However, other metals won't suffer the same fate such as bronze, brass, copper, and nickel, so best to look into those options instead.


4. Custom items are no longer exciting.

Studio KO, Karl Fournier and Olivier Marty, Noel Manalili

Customizable items might have been enticing a few years ago, but their popularity has steadily declined year after year. Pieces that are customized have dipped from 58% back in 2018 to 47% in 2022.



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